Need to make fence higher - creative ideas pls

20 Dec 2013
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United Kingdom
Hey all

I have a “private road” behind my garden - where the other houses have their garage access basically

as you can see the gravel posts are not high - hence the fence panels put my previous owner are not high.

I want to have some extra privacy and need some ideas pls. ESP when I stand in decking I can see them going in out garden and likewise.

I think trellis won’t look good only at the back fence - usually only looks good if on all 3 sides ie left and right too.

also - Cos gravel posts are same height as fence will look tacky to match trellis up imo

is there any other ideas people have ? Is there “hedge” like looking trellis available? Maybe looks a little more easy on the eye ??

the tree you see on the left of the pic is actually about 2-3metres behind my fence - in the other persons garden - just may “look” closer it’s just over grown

Any creative ideas appreciated pls ! :)


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Fence panels screwed to existing or... trellis.
Not much else available.
You could use fake plants on the trellis to make it look better.
Fairly limited because of the decking you have there - not as much choice to grow stuff that will get tall. The tree on the other side gives you some privacy, can you sneakily plant something similar there to hide the gap?!

Trellis would be ok but doesn't really improve privacy all that much (unless growing something), but as you said, it needs to be all around otherwise look odd. Trellis is expensive too. What state are the fences in? Just wondering if better to just replace for 6ft ones..

Edit: what about bamboo plants? Need to be grown in pots as they have a habit of taking over.. but you could put pots on your decking?
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With bamboo in pots you could make some wooden staging t raise small plates up.
As they grow, saw a few inches off the legs/base so that the tops stay at an ideal height but the plant pot gradually lowers.

You could add trellis on three sides of the deck and it wouldn't look odd - you could cut it down at the sides
Thanks all

I’m defo getting a shed Keter have supply chain issues atm. Think trellis with some over hang crawling plants whatever it’s called may suffice but appreciate other suggestions
Attach higher timber posts to the front face of the existing fence posts. Then build a horizontal slatted fence, raising the height of the existing fence upto a total height of 2 meters.
I would also built it down the sides of the decking area, extending towards the house upto where the decking ends. Paint it the same colour as existing fences and it will look great.
Please see the attached link for an idea of what I mean.
You could buy these fence panels or similar and screw them directly onto the front of yours but they are quite expensive and it may be cheaper to build it yourself or even get a joiner to build it for you. Hope this helps.

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