Neff Induction Hob worktop seal.

24 Nov 2007
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Near Lincoln
United Kingdom
We're getting new worktops fitted, I'm struggling to find a Neff specific sealing strip for the new worktops. Plenty available for induction hobs on the usual websites, I take it its just a double sided sticky seal?
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Bedded mine on Māpei silicone colour matched to the worktop. It's recessed too but not quite flush because the front, annoyingly, has a bevel which would have looked silly if I sunk the hob too much

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BSH / Neff install instructions are online and they say NOT to use mastic sealant from a gun around the edge of the hob.
{A diagram with a X through it, actually.}

My Bosch induction hob had a thin rubber sealing/strip already attached around the edge. {Same maker BSH, lower price point.} It's stuck to the hob but not, itself, sticky.

As you are removing and replacing see how the original strip has fared? A thin (0.5 to 1 mm) silicone rubber strip circa 5mm wide would likely mimic the original strip after removal of the old? Do, of course, ensure any cut wood edges of the worktop cutout is fully waterproof-sealed. My granite worktop is less affected by spills.
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That's a good point; they'll use any excuse to wiggle out!

It's out of warranty now so I'm just seeing how long it soldiers on for. Fully expect the event that necessitates a new one will be destruction of the glass, but apparently an easy repair

Not sure I'd have another one though; the control interface is really awkward and ponderous. I have the same complaint about the Siemens ovens; they look nice but the buttons+jog wheel+touch screen UI is a tedious combination to use
As an appliance engineer you break any warranty and repairs if silicones down, I loved turning upto a warranty job on a hob top when it was siliconed down as I had to then refuse repair and they would nee do to rebook once they had removed the silicone lol

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