Nest and glow worm

7 Dec 2016
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United Kingdom
HI I have a glow worm betacom 30c. I have no house thermostat im fed up with going in and out to the cold garage to turn heating on and off. had it serviced 3 weeks ago and my gas man wanted £145 to supply and fit a standard thermostat.
Looking a buying a nest my parents have npower and they could get me one for £129 at the moment, I belive I should install going off the dry circuit diagram, Live and neutral to heat link seems stright forward enough.
My boiler has 2 different thermostat blocks inside, the 240v one, and the low voltage 24v one, am I right in thinking I just use the low voltage block remove the link and wire to heatlink 2 & 3 & that's it? I will be using the display in the front im not wiring it through the house, just on mains plug.

Please could someone confirm is it that simple. or am I missing something ?
Cheers Ted.
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Yes that works but will also need permanent live and neutral to the heatlink.

Thank you for your fast response . Well I think I will go ahead and get one ordered. I'm staggered that it's seems so simple. I forgot to mention but do you think 0.75mm heat flex 2 core will be ok, or should I go for 3 core or bigger mm option ?
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Just to update the nest came this morning, I had some 3 core heat flex in so used that. I did have a plug socket next to my boiler so I made up a plug with a 3 amp fuse and wired that into the heatlink, I then wired from the low voltage thermostat in the boiler to the heatlink very neat job, It works a treat with my display in the front room, Very impressed with how simple it was to do.
If anyone comes across this tread by searching the Internet and is thinking about trying to self install with a combi boiler with no separate hot water tank it's very very simple. To be honest I can't see it being any more difficult it you did have a hot water tank.
I know this is years old now. But I’m looking at putting a nest thermostat on my Betacom 30c.

When you say the low voltage connector, do you mean the blue connector block on the inside of the control panel when you flip it down?

So the heatlink has 4 wires going to it, a L and N from a 240v source, and the 2 wires from the blue block, having removed the little bridge wire?

Thanks in advance

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