nest 3rd generation

  1. F

    Nest Heatlink to Tado

    I have a Nest Thermostat 3rd Generation with Heatlink. I have recently purchased a Tado V3+ device. I have one cable on the Nest Heatlink connected to pin 4 and do not know where it should be going into Tado. I would appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction.
  2. B

    NEST 3rd Gen > Hot Wanter Tank

    Hello There Currently my old Honeywell has got a BOOST option for hot water. Not sure what does in reality!! Does boiler go over 70c to heat up the water tank or does it activate the Coil Immersion ?? There is this immersion to the water tank and not sure how that is controlled!?? So, how...
  3. W


    Hi About 2 months ago we had a neat fitted and UFH with its own thermostat. The CH did work when it was first installed but with it being summer it was left unused. Now the Nest does not appear to be firing up the boiler. The green dot is on the heat link which means they're connected. The UFH...
  4. C

    Replacing Wireless Thermostat

    Hi, I currently have a wireless Center thermostat and receiver connected to my boiler, over the past month it keeps switching on and off and resetting itself I have tried to replace the batteries but no luck I have a feeling it was dropped and has damaged it. I would like to replace it with...
  5. S

    Which smart controller for new system.

    Hi all. Finally got my oil fired open vented system up and running which also heats the DHW cylinder. I have not bought a programmer yet as am thinking about a Nest thermostat. My requirements are to control the heating system and the hot water. My system is an oil fired worcester greenstar...
  6. P

    Nest thermostat with 2 hot water cylinders - how?

    Hello all, been a frequent visitor here for lots of tips over the years, but this is my first question. I would like to upgrade my Drayton digistat 3 (central heating) and separate Drayton LP711 (hot water) controllers to a single Nest system that controls both CH+HW. System is open vented...
  7. R

    Nest 3rd Gen - No Hot Water Control

    Hello I managed to replace our old Honeywell ST9420C and wireless thermostat with the Nest Learning Thermostat V3 using the following wiring layout: Honeywell-Nest N-N L-L, 2 & 5 4-3 3-6 Previously, on the old Honeywell programmer there were just 4 wires - N, L, 3, 4. This is working fine...
  8. A

    NEST Thermostats Installation

    Image by A-J-P posted 6 Apr 2021 at 2:39 PMEF8D30D6-A19C-4199-AE01-91F196EF1A9D by A-J-P posted 6 Apr 2021 at 2:39 PMB3851C9F-408D-45A1-AC33-10150AE47EBE by A-J-P posted 6 Apr 2021 at 2:39 PM1DF1C3F7-7CDF-44BA-817D-CC6F02558549 by A-J-P posted 6 Apr 2021 at 2:39 PMImage by A-J-P posted 6 Apr...
  9. ChingiZ

    Nest Thermostat E. How does it work with underfloor heating.

    Hi. So Combi Boiler Heating type: Water Underfloor heating, Only one Zone. Nest type: Nest Thermostat E (Images For Reference) Just received the Nest Thermostat E and trying to replace it instead of the OLD Thermostat, but I am having some difficulties with connecting the underfloor heating as...
  10. Chris04

    Drayton LP241 to Nest 3rd generation query

    Hello everyone, My Drayton LP241 has started acting up so I've bought a Nest 3rd generation to replace it and the thermostat. I've searched the Internet for help with wiring and would appreciate it if someone could confirm or correct my workings out: LP N - Nest N LP L - Nest L LP 1 - Nest...
  11. Colm C.

    Nest 3rd Gen Wiring Question

    I want my new 3rd Gen. Nest to control both a heating zone and the boiler itself so that I can remotely switch it on/off. The heating is working fine (terminal 3 comes live as the heatlink calls for heat) but terminal 6 on the Heat Link is permanently live and does not switch when selecting Hot...
  12. Rich2020

    Nest - Central Heating Problem

    I have a Nest gen 3 Gas C/H system in a standard size semi. Up until a couple of days ago, the hot water and central heating worked fine. The schedule and app on phone triggered as should. Nothing has changed in the house whatsoever. The thermostat and the Heat-Link(receiver) are paired so I...
  13. SirMario

    Help Needed - Nest Thermostat replacing a Danfoss TP9000

    I have been spending a lot of time at home (due to the coronavirus epidemic), and I decided to take the plunge, learn something new and replaced my Danfoss TP9000 with a nest thermostat 3rd generation. After reading a lot of forum and posts online I was pretty confident that it would be easy...
  14. R

    Nest Underfloor wiring issue

    Hi All, First time I've ever posted on a forum. I was wondering if anyone can help me please. I've had a new heating system installed for a couple of years now but have an issue with our underfloor heating, connected to a Nest thermostat, probably the wrong thermostat to use but this is the...
  15. S

    Replacing Honeywell wireless with Nest

    I currently have a Honeywell wireless thermostat and wired in timer. I want to change to a Nest thermostat. I’ve provided a photo. My question is, when I remove the cover from the blue box do I simply disconnect the timer and wireless receiver wires and then wire in the nest receiver or is it...
  16. Pipps

    How to connect two new Nest 3rd gen heatlinks? (photos)

    Two Nest 3rd generation units (PDF) need to be installed for dual zone central heating (but not hot water) with one in the living room (zone 1) and one in the hallway for rest of property (zone 2). The combi boiler is an Ideal Logic 35 which is wired as follows: I have situated both Nest...
  17. J

    Nest Thermostat Y-Plan Install

    Hi, I've recently bought a Nest 3rd Gen Thermostat and I'm looking to install it myself. I know how the system works but I'm unsure about a few things. Currently, I've got an Ideal Classic Boiler and Danfoss FP7801/FP715si Programmer on a 3A spur in the Kitchen, Danfoss RMT230 in the Hallway...
  18. 2

    Can i swap this with nest

    Planning to change from Salus RT500RF thermostat to nest . This is the wiring in the pic attached. Would you be able to tell me if this is a straight swap or am i missing any wires here. Thanks
  19. M

    Nest 3rd Gen and Baxi Platinum Combi 33

    So I fitted this yesterday and didn't get any heating - HW worked fine, open a tap and hot water, heatlink connected to thermostat by wifi and all leds ok. I followed this thread and wired exactly as shown -...
  20. C

    Replacing rf thermostat with nest gen 3 thermostat

    So I decided to swap my old Salus RT500RF thermostat with a new Nest gen 3 thermostat. I thought it would be case of swapping the boxes over but I’m not sure the wiring is correct or if I’ve got the wiring correct. The boiler it’s connected to is a Vokera by Riello easy heat plus 29 c The old...