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22 Aug 2006
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United Kingdom
I am planning to replace my floor standing gravity boiler. I have received a quote for the following,

-Remove old boiler, flue and block the hole in wall.
-New boiler Greenstar 18i System Boiler to be installed on wall above the existing boiler.
-Convert gravity system to fully pumped. Retain existing cylinder.
-Control kit, cylinder thermostat and motorised valves.
-Some electrics for thermostat and boiler.

Quote is £2750.00.


1. Is this a reasonable price?
2. Is the boiler a good choice?
3. Would a combination boiler be cheaper to install?
4. If I install a combination boiler, how big is the risk of any pipework breaking?
5. Should I consider keeping my existing boiler Potterton Kingfisher RS50? It is working really well apart from the pump for radiator being slightly noisy.

Thanks in advance for any advice!
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1. yes
2. yes
3. not necessarily, probably similar
4. low/medium
5. would say yes, but you should decide that before wasting someones time getting a quote.
Ditto the above

TBH if the boiler is not broken, and you are happy with gas consumption etc, then use the old adage"if its not broke dont fix it"

Maybe get it converted to fully pumped,and add a cylinder stat(if you hav not got one), to make the system a bit more efficient. New pump and a clean will help a great deal as well.Also look at upgrading heating controls, 7day programmer TRVs etc.


ps as Micky says decide this before wasting peoples time getting them to quote. It can be very frustrating going to quote for jobs like this, only to find at the end of it people stick with what they have got. Had exactly this last week. That is 2 hours of my life that I am not going to get back.
Definitely keep the old boiler - just get the system converted to fully pumped - with new wireless roomstat etc. your £ is better spent there than on a new computer controlled "planet saving" :rolleyes: condensing - freezing up in winter-boiler that everyone wants to sell you :idea: and even the best new boiler will probably die after 10 years
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In a very similar situation, my primary reason for changing boilers was to eliminate the need to have large to-outside vents in the kitchen causing the room to cool to about 13 degrees soon after the heating goes off when it's cold outside. My new boiler's also going to be in the garage freeing up kitchen space.
If you don't need the space where the old boiler stands I'd stick with it.

You only have to read these forums to what a pain new boilers can be.

A new one might be more efficient but it would take a long while to become cost effective.

Don't forget you'll need a powerflush on a dirty old system.

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