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11 Mar 2013
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United Kingdom
am pretty good at DIY, as use to be a plumber, and also got father in law who is good at building work

the problem I have is, we where looking at getting a log burner fitted, but the quotes we where getting where very expensive, the cheapest quote we got was £1600, for a second ahnd log burner (the fitter was suppling and fitting) which would of been to big for the room, and would of involved us having to do a load of building work to the fire place to make it fit

since then my in laws have bought me a log burner

it has a 5 inch flue

the fire place we will be fitting it in use to have a gas fire in there and has 6 inch flue already in there, I know this flue can not be used, so the plan is to fit the 5 inch flue down the middle of the 6inc flue and attach to the log burner,

will there be any problems with this as I can not see any problems my self,

one of the reason we don't want to do any building work is it is a rented old farm house and the walls are all made of granite, this fire was chosen as t will fit in the gap already there
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Just my opinion for what its worth, but most installers like a 6" flue liner connected to a 5" outlet......whether this is a regulation or not I wouldn't know, but I'd certainly check with the manufacturers instructions and go from there.
You also need a register plate to blank off the flue with a hole to let the pipe through.
John :)
the manuf says it is a 5 inch flue, so think it should be ok

my plan was to attach a 90 solid flue bend and then attach the flex hose to this, would this not be ok
I think the regs state that the flue pipe should be solid until it passes through the register plate....perhaps the HETAS regs are on line somewhere?
John :)
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You plan is not allowed, has to be solid untill past the register plate.

You cant use a 5" liner on this stove, has to be a 6".

You can only use a 5" if the stove is defra approved which yours isnt.

You will need to use solid flue untill past the (steel) register plate, then adapter, then 6" solid fuel liner.

That is, unless your chimney is sound. Remove the old gas liner, that has to come out no matter what. Then get your chimney tested, properly. This needs 2 people, one on the roof, one inside. Chimney needs to be filled with smoke then sealed top and bottom, then checked for leaks. Its no good just setting off a smoke bomb, that wont tell you anything.

Dont forget the liner needs to be attached up top too, and a bird guard fitted, and it all needs to be signed off or your house insurance will be void and god forbid what would happen if you killed anyone.

If you havent guessed by now, get it fitted professionaly!
I thought defra didn't apply as I don't live in a smoke controlled area, and am only going to burn smokeless fuel

so I fit it to a 6 inch flue (I know its got to be attached to a pot at the top) then this will be fine,

I got told I didn't need a plate, as I am going to be using a flue, and the plate is only there is you are using the chim with out a flue
bit of a update

spoke to building control today at the council

don't need a defra approved burner, as am ok in cornwall,

don't need a plate if I am attaching to a flue

where the burner will sit, is fine,

the only bits that are a grey area is

he says I can use a 5 inch flue, if that what the manufactor says the flue should be

and he doesn't know of any regulations that state if using a 5 inch flue, I have to take the old 6 inch flue out, as he is sure I can run the 5 inch down the middle of it,

he even said when he fitted his, he did it him self and got some one else from BC to check it and sign it off

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