New tv advice

19 Sep 2006
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United Kingdom
I've been looking to buy a new television. it all seems a bit confusing,

plasma or lcd? 1080? 50hz or 100hz? or does any of it really mattr? are the differences in picture quality really noticeable?

what about reliability? any makes that are best avoid. would appreciate any advice . hpoe I've posted in the right part of the forum.
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hilfe, obviously I don't know the level of expertise of the fellow forum members on this and there isn't an actual part on this forum for TV's etc. There is an Appliance section but that deals mainly in White Goods.

I know of another forum that has excellent reviews, info etc on all things AV (Audio Video). I don't know if the MODS will allow me to post their address. I cannot think why not. It doesn't compete with this site in anyway and i am not affiliated with it. I've posted the address below, if one of the MODS removes it then PM me and i'll send you it that way.

Whatever happens, good luck. Its a big purchase I know and you'll want to arm yourself with as much info as you can before you commit.
thanks for that link blasphemous. i'll visit that site now.
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