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Newbie flame lockout query: Vailant Turbomax VUW 242 E or 282 E Boiler

Discussion in 'Plumbing and Central Heating' started by advisewelcome, 21 May 2021.

  1. advisewelcome


    20 May 2021
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    United Kingdom
    Hi, new here.

    Panicked as have an issue with my trusty Vailant Turbomax VUW 242 E or 282 E Boiler.

    It sometimes goes into flame lockout after central heating is run for some time and central heating stops.

    As it goes through normal start up cycle I notice the lockout fame light coming on briefly before switching off and the burner kicking in. Is this supposed to happen?

    The manual says, the start cycle should be like this…

    1 Demand - Central heating demand indicator
    2 Fan - Fan operation indicator
    3 Ignition - Ignition indicator
    4 Flame - Flame indicator

    (with the Burner lockout indicator only coming on if it fails to ignite 9s after ignition on 2nd ignition cycle.)

    Is the flame-lockout's brief appearance dung the ignition cycle the source of my problems?

    Any help appreciated - not sure if anyone in to reply?
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