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17 Dec 2015
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United Kingdom
Afternoon all... trying to do a Hive installation to replace my current programmer and thermostat and found myself in some difficulties (put it all back to as was now)....

So i have a gas combi boiler (vaillant turbomax pro 24e) located in the loft space, a siemens RWB7 programmer located in an airing cuboard upstairs, and a Honeywell T40 thermostat in the dinning room downstairs.

The Programmer and thermostat i want to remove completely and install the Hive in it's place - however on further investigation..the previous owner looks to have done some "home wiring" and has extended the live switch (yellow) from the Thermostat using the copper wire and then rejoined it at the programmer back to the live switch (yellow) wire to the Boiler.

So i've drawn a map up of the current wiring as best can, showing the colours and junctoins of wires (apoligies in advance if this isn't great - i'm not an electrician and this was just for my understanding)

Besides the wiring for the thermostat which i want to remove... i've managed to get all the wiring (I beleive) correct for the Hive using with the exception of the live switch to the boiler and possibly the wire between L and 2:

The problem i'm having is where do i wire up the live switch 230v (yellow wire) from the boiler too or is it no longer required? (Guessing it needs to be there else the boiler won't know when to turn on).

This is the Boiler manual:

Thought i'd ask nicely on here first, before calling up an British Gas for a home visit.

thanks in advance.
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Terminal 1 is common.
2 heating off (NC)
3 heating on (NO)
4 unused

BG unlikely to sort out any wiring issues unless it is a paid for job.
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The wire you have put into number 2 should be in number 1. Connect the yellow wire to number 3.
That's assuming it is a single channel hive and not a dual channel one.
Yeah. I was looking at your picture of the wiring to the backplate and thinking, that ain't gonna work...

But was that how the old programmer was wired?
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I'm glad to see you are doing away with the bare copper wire as a switch live, it is wrong and potentially dangerous.
On your "map" you have drawn a switch in the earth wire, earth's aren't switched, just live and neutral when using a double pole switch.
What is the point in coming on this forum and then not coming back once people have answered your questions? Is it too hard to reply or at least thank people for the answers?

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