Ninebob's Music Quiz 10 - now with answers (oops!)

10 Apr 2004
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United Kingdom
Far too easy yesterday, try this for size! :evil:

Please EMAIL your answers to the address in my profile - (don't forget your username if it's not obvious from your email address!) - I will then post up here who's answered and how many they got right as they come in, then reveal the answers later this evening.

A point each for artist and title for each of the 5
A point for the year which they are all from (all Top Ten this time)

11 points total.

Here we go then: Quiz 10.wma
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First answer in is from oompah:

1. Correct!
2. Wrong entirely!
3. Correct artist, title incorrect!
4. Correct!
5. Correct artist, no title?

Year - Correct!

So 7 points scored out of a possible 11....
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A new leader - blondini...

Doesn't know track 2, but everything else including year - correct!

So 9 points out of 11 is the best so far... :)
Even more guesses in from Oompah, both still wrong! :!: :?: :p
Flippin 'eck that's a stinkin one.

I dunno if I was even born then!!!!
link wont open?, I know its been solved but its still fun to have a go.
I,ve got every number 1 since charts began on a HD + about 200gb of other music stuff, still sh*t at these comps.
There is someone missing from tonights quiz...........




powers.......fading.......evil ninebob.........crap year.......

got the first 3 and the year but stuck after that. currently banging my head against the wall

where did you get my photo from mere mortal??????????
currently banging my head against the wall

Oi! That's my technique!!! That's how I got the bump on my forehead - misjudged how far away I was from the desk!!!!!!

I'm afraid I confess that I had to ask my mother for one or two!
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