Ninebob's Music Quiz 8

Alison has the full 11 points too - well done! (not quick enough to beat thermo to the post though!)

I need to come up with something spectacular to try and beat him tomorrow - perhaps the hits of 1954 or something.... :rolleyes:

And can Alison get through tomorrow's episode without sustaining injury? Tune in to find out...... :)
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have you noticed on popmaster when it comes to three in ten, there seems to be a trend of people pausing till the last few seconds then rattling off a load of answers. Its so obvious they are sitting in front of a pc and doing it. Very obvious from the stiffled congratulations that ken gives as well. whats the b****y point of doing it?

I play along in the spirit of the rules, and have only managed to get 3 in 10 twice I think, but then again, I still haven't managed to get the year right on ninebob's quiz, so don't use me as a yard stick :LOL:
we do at work as well. i just dont understand why they go on there and cheat, its so obvious, but ken does make me laugh, he sounds so ****ed off with them
You wouldn't believe how accident prone I am! I burnt my fingers a month ago and they were all blistered. Two days later, one of my dogs got attacked by another one and I fell over them trying to stop them fighting and skinned all my knuckles - on the fingers that I'd burnt - talk about adding insult to injury.

Then I was trying to get a label off a jar and decided to use a nice new sharp Stanley blade.

I slipped off the jar and sliced across the back of my hand and three fingers.

And that's only in the past month.......................

And I didn't forget the video. I could see the video, hear the song but couldn't remember who the hell it was by! :rolleyes:

Edit: Oh and I forgot my incident with an onion and a newly sharpened kitchen knife and my thumb. You'd not believe how much blood you could lose out of a thumb! Steri-strips and three layers of elastoplast weren't enough to stem the blood flow!!!! :unsure:
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Confirmation of answers, then:

1. Scandalous - Mis-teeq
2. I Begin To Wonder - Dannii Minogue
3. Shut Up - Black Eyed Peas
4. Move Your Feet - Junior Senior
5. Satisfaction - Benny Benassi

The year is 2003.

And it's another excuse to roll out this perennial DIYnot favourite (not that it does anything for me!!! ;) :) )

I have already selected tomorrow's year and about 10 records, I just need to whittle them down and do the editing....
It would be fine if the dame with the masonary drill could actually drill a level hole! And the first one with the hammer is never gonna get that nail in tapping at it like that...................................... :LOL: :LOL: