Ninebob's Music Quiz 10 - now with answers (oops!)

The suspense is killing me!

What's the answers?

And since mother helped, she wants to know too.
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Oops, numbnuts here went to bed without posting up the answers and the winner, didn't I? :oops: :rolleyes: :LOL:

Thermo eventually came in with an entry, but only the first 3 tracks and the year (correct) - scoring 7 points but not enough to take the lead this time!!!

Let's put you out of your misery, then:

1. Animals - House of the Rising Sun
2. Applejacks - Tell Me When
3. Chuck Berry - No Particular Place To Go
4. Dave Clark Five - Bits & Pieces
5. Rolling Stones - Not Fade Away

And the year, 1964.

Well, I did promise you a stinker!!!

The winner was blondini with 9 points from a possible 11, only the Applejacks record eluded him....
Did my entry come through to you?

My mother has been driving me nuts asking what the answers were and then I went to check against what I sent in and can't find the e-mail.

If it didn't come in, then I'm gutted cos all we got wrong was the year and the group name for number 2.
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And I know that you've only got my word for that.

She flippin text me at midnight to ask if I'd got the answers - nearly give me a heart attack - and that would have been yet another injury sustained in the music quiz!
I don't know, clubbing one night, then the next sitting in front of the telly (no doubt under a duvet) with your Heartbeat box set. :D