Novice Texecom Veritas Excel Install

21 Aug 2003
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United Kingdom
I've just installed a Texecom Veritas Excel, 8 zones (zone 1 uses magnetic door contacts for front and back door, rest are PIR's), 2 remote keypads, external bell box and one dummy box. It is my first ever attempt, but we need to keep costs down so I decided to give it a try as I am competent at basic electrical work and I can follow instructions. I powered up and during the walk through test Zones 1 and 2 of the PIR zones are constantly 'open', but the rest operate as they should. I'm struggling to understand why! :cry: I've checked the wiring at the sensors and the control panel and it all seems to be fine. I've swapped the PIR's around but the fault stays with the Zone. I've also swapped the zone at the control panel around and the fault follows the red & black wires. The LED on the PIR's indicate that movement is sensed, but regardless of the LED being lit, a voltage can be measured across the red and black wires at the control panel. All the rest of the equipment seems to be functioning properly, just these 3 zones are not. Anyone any suggestions?
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How's it wired ? Eol or 4 wire ? 4 wire Are you using the tamper ? Have you checked for shorts between tamper and alarm pair and aux voltage ? What pirs are you using ?
With sparkymarka.

As you have power at the PIR's
As the door contact works okay

It is likely to be wiring, you say you have checked this, however have you checked it for the right thing?

Once you answered the questions above you should be well on your way, if not post pictures
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Thanks for the replies. The PIR's are the Texecom premier elite compact. It is wired standard with tamper. I didn't go with EOL, as I couldn't really understand what it was and what the benefit was over standard wiring! I can't see any shorts anywhere, but maybe I should check again.
okay so you have wired the pir with 6 wires, 2power, 2 alarm, 2 tamper.

Have you set the pir up so it does not use resistors at all?
if you link the zone out at the panel, does the panel show it secure?

remove the cables that are coming back to the zone and place a link in the panel (short piece of wire or staple if provided)
I will give it a try tonight and report back. Thanks!
if you link the zone out at the panel, does the panel show it secure?

remove the cables that are coming back to the zone and place a link in the panel (short piece of wire or staple if provided)

I tried last night and when I put a link in all the problem zones of the panel, it does solve the problem. The zones obviously don't respond on the walk test, but it appears the system is functioning normally otherwise. I guess this does suggest a short somewhere? I will probably re-do both connections at the panel and sensors and see what happens. I will also trace the wires between and check them as we have had plumbers and electricians in the loft since I put the wires in place. I guess there is a chance the wires have been damaged.
this suggests that it could be:-

1. break in the cable
2. the wrong pairs are being used
3. the pir isn't setup correctly.

the link was to establish the state of the panel.
Ok thanks. I understand 1. For 2 I will recheck all the wiring both ends. But 3, are you talking about making sure all the jumpers are in the right place?

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