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Old Solid Wall house -- Soil / clay floor / Damp issue

Discussion in 'Building' started by Evren, 31 Jul 2021.

  1. Evren


    7 Nov 2017
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    United Kingdom
    We had a section of the stone/brick solid wall built old house (walls 50cm thick ) with a damp quarry tiled floor. Upon removing the tiles i found rubble and ash underneath and going deeper there is soil and clay as per photos . The breeze blocked section in the photos used to be a door and this space was a toilet with access from outside. There was a tap that was dripping on the floor which did not help the already wet floor here (i have now moved it out )

    Also worth pointing out there is a mountain with lots of water behind and the concrete floor level outside was pretty high and was butted up to the outer walls which i have rectified by digging a trench around the outside perimeter of the house.

    As we have now included this section into the house i need to get the wet/damp issue here sorted and lay some concrete to the level as per photos.
    There is DPM under the concrete and concrete itself is bone dry however i had the issue with damp under the DPM which could only escape around the edges of the DPM where it meets the walls hence causing damp on the surrounding solid walls as well. To address this i have cut and removed a couple of inches of concrete around the perimeter of the slab and removed wet black mortar/soil to aid faster ventilation. I also have a dehumidifier working here to reduce humidity levels faster.

    Now i have 2 main questions if people in the know could please answer kindly ;

    1- Am i heading in the right direction in terms of removing dampness under the concrete floors in order to create a dry house ?

    2 - What is the method for concreting the soil/clay floor in photos ? Do i have to get it fairly dried out / remove more wet soil etc before laying concrete over as i dont want to end up with the same issue of damp trying to get out the edges of DPM again.
    How do i join the new DPM for this section into the old DPM under the old concrete floor. Do i join them using duck tape etc ?

    IMG_5437.jpg IMG_5439.jpg IMG_5440.jpg
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