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30 Jul 2006
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United Kingdom
I have fitted a new ceiling rose in a new bedroom I have built, I have used an existing ceiling rose on the landing. The wires feeding the existing rose are as follows,

Standard ceiling rose wire arrangement, with a single three core cable feeding the ceiling rose. Live fed into the live terminal the Neutral has been cut and left loose the earth is wired to the Earth terminal. A second single core cable is feeding The neutral terminal.

I have installed a new wire as follows.

Live fed to Loop on existing ceiling rose and into loop on new ceiling rose
Neutral fed to neutral on existing rose and neutral on new rose
Earth fed to earth on existing rose and earth on new rose

From the new rose i have taken a cable from the rose to the light switch as follows.

Live fed from loop to live on switch
Neutral fed from live on new ceiling rose to common on switch
Earth connected to earth on ceiling rose I have used a plastic box and have cut the earth wire to the switch.

Needles to say the switch doesn't work.
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From your ceiling rose you will need to take a cable ( 2core twin + earth) to the switch,
At the switch put the red ( or brown if your using harmonised, which technically you should be ) in to the common and the black ( or blue ) on to L1 - mark the black with red tape/sleeving.

Up at the ceiling rose put your red in to the loop live and the black ( again marked red) in to the switched live.

The neutral stays at the light and doesnt go down to the switch.

You should have put the earth in a connector block as it may be required if you ever want to put on a metal/chrome switch ;)

Remember to isolate the circuit your working on :idea:

Hope this helps.
don't mean to sound like i'm calling you, but if you have built a new room, and i assume you are doing the elecs yourself, What does the BCO have to say about you doing a DIY wiring job ?

You don't use Neutral at the switch. ( remove it )

Take loop feed from rose to common on switch, then L1 (if its a 2 way switching switch) to the outlet of the rose ( Brown wire of the pendent) don't forget to sleeve blue return wire with brown sleeving

Look at the reference section

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