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23 Feb 2010
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United Kingdom

apologies if this is covered somewhere else I have looked everywhere I can and cant find an exact situation like mine. Not being an expert in electrics I am slightly dubious about following guidelines on a circuit not quite the same as mine in case I fry myself or my family :eek:

I have a single ceiling rose in my lodt which is controlled by a switch in the landing. The rose has three wires feeding it as you wouldexpect. I assume it's on a loop system but that it goes via the switch rather than the ceiling rose. The house is only 8 years old.

Basically I want to add in another ceiling rose to the loft controlled by the same single switch so both lights come on at once. I have wired in the new rose and positioned it where I want it but then looked at the existing rose I want to connect it to and got stumped. My brain tells me it should be as easy as connecting the the live wire going to the new rose to the terminal with the eisting live wire on the original rose. There are only two terminals for this though, one has the live going in and the other has the brown wire going to the existing bulb holder. I assume I can put the live in and live out to new rose in the same terminal and effectively turn the rose into a junction box? I also assumed I should connect the neutral wire going to the new rose to the neutral terminal in the existing rose, this does have three terminals on it (one spare).

Am I overcomplicating this? Can anyone tell me if I am right or not? Many thanks.
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Overcomplicating slightly ;)

Wire your new light directly into the existing light fitting.
Obviously Live to live, neutral to neutral earth to earth etc.
Perfect thanks. Thats what I assumed but then sat shaking my head for an hour last night reading a book on electrics and surfing the internet confusing myself even more.

Appreciate the help.

The fact that there arent enough terminals to do this in the existing rose doesnt matter though? I can double the wires up in one terminal I assume.
If you are using 1.00 or 1.5mm cable there should be room to get 3 wires in each terminal.
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If its a standard rose there should be three spare terminals in the middle (normally used for the lives).

There is nothing to stop you using those - it would save having to cram two conductors into one terminal.

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