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4 May 2006
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United Kingdom
rather than the constant question popping up what boiler would you reccommend, thought it might be interesting to find out

1) what type of boiler/system people have fitted in there own home( and did they inherit it or fit it themselves), + has it given you much trouble

2) if you were to change the boiler tommorow what would you fit instead ?

i'll start 2 bed 1 bath terrace inherited a gloworm spacesaver, never given me a day of trouble in 3 years but a bit pricey on the gas.

Have got a baxi 105he sat in the loft ready to be fitted for the past 3 months but cant be bothered to fit it ! (is it just me or does anyone else have trouble motivating themselves at home)
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potterton flamingo 50 bf, gas bill 20 quid a month.....its going nowhere for a while.
vaillant turbomax 242e has had a diaphram in 8 yr and it runs 24/7 in the winter ;)

must be one of the few mind i did put the system in myself

5 bed 1 bath 3 floors :D
Open flued Ideal Elan 2 and a nice hot water cylinder.

Bought and installed in 1995 (Only cost £140.00 brand new just before the CE marking regs became compulsory)

Parts and repairs to date - none :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
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Vokera Excell in the kitchen, inherited 2 years ago. Never had the case off it, never skiped a beat, and never lost a drop of water.

If i had to replace it (i will put it in the loft when i put a new kitchen in) it will be a Worcester 28i greenstar Junior or give another Vokera a go.
Worcester 28i rsf. The whole system is in 22mm feeding 13 old cast iron rads. (inherited)
Works a treat, only ever needed an auto air vent. never loses pressure.

The only issue i have is if the missus wants to wash up when i am in the shower, the temp reduces a bit.

I would probably stick with a worcester if it ever dies
A large house like mine requires a large boiler :cool:

Glad you have a condenser, votmy, I don't think mine is:
kevplumb said:
you jest yer lying old git :LOL: :LOL: yer did that for yer dear old mum when you where an apprentice ;)

I think from records it was built around 1870 as a coal fired hot air boiler, the brick ducts are still in place, and it was converted to oil around the late 50s.

Just a tad before my time :eek:
Kidd VHE

The answer to the next question is a Kidd VHE. Assuming I'm still around when it packs in, they normally go 30 years. Mr Kidd refurbishes 25yr old ones for resale, so who knows? I might get the same one back, if I live to 74.

My engineers fit Vaillants in their houses.
I rather fancy getting a dioesel engine out of an old van or somat and hooking it up to a generator, send the coolant round the rads, generate my own electricity and run the whole thing on chip fat.

Secondly I plan to hang some rads in the conservatory for solar heating.

I ain't joking.

Other than that I can get all the free pallets I can handle to burn in my coal fire. Wouldn't let a gas fire anywhere near the place, deadly things.

Meanwhile I just let the Mexico carry on churning out heat as it is wont without interference from me. I take the occasional look through the sight galss, loverly blue flame, fine you'll do..

WQhen you spend all the livelong day fixing other peoples complexed combis it's great to come home to a boiler that requires no titivating.

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