Osmo Natural Oil Woodstain +Western Red Cedar

29 Dec 2011
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United Kingdom
Hi folks I am looking some advice if possible.

I have purchased untreated Western Red Cedar fencing boards to construct a fence in my back yard. Whilst I like the natural colour of the western red cedar I personally like a richer tone and am trying to prevent the greying process. I purchased a tin of the above semi transparent oil in a cedar colour and have started to apply it to the boards. Having spent a few hours applying the oil over the weekend I thought I had learnt a few tricks to improve the finish and application. However, on inspection tonight I am pretty gutted at the finish I am getting. I am being really careful, applying to all 4 sides off the board to prevent drips and runs that are darker than the rest, applying very thinly to again prevent any runs and to try and ensure I am getting the supposed satin matt looking finish.

So far I have about applied 2 coats to about 7 fence boards and the finishes are all over the place. Some boards look like I have applied a varnish with a pretty glossy type finish. These boards are still pretty tacky 24 - 48 hrs after applying the oil. Other boards are like a flat matt with shiny bits on them as if the oil hasnt taken to parts of the panel and soaked into others. The glossier boards were the ones that I did at the start and I was a little more liberal when applying the oil and the other boards that have a flatter finish were done later when I applied less and was trying to be careful about the amount I was applying.

I have also another 7 boards that I have only coated with one application of the oil and they are a very flat finish but a little orange for my liking at the moment. However, they look much more natural and have virtually no shinier areas on them.

This Osmo oil is meant to be a satin matt finish which is what I want, however, at the moment I am getting either matt or glossy!!! I am applying with a brush and spending a long time (about 15 mins a board) applying a coat and am trying really hard to get this right, but clearly I am going wrong somewhere.

Can anyone advise me if they have used this Osmo oil before and what is the best way to apply. I dont want to continue at the moment for fear of buggering up these fence boards that i have invested a lot of money in. I could really do with any advice ref. the different & inconsistent finishes I am getting, how I can improve the finish, why some of the boards are quite tacky and whether I should abandon this product and look for something else.

Hope someone can help.
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Sounds like the timber already has some treatment on it? will react and prevent oil drying quickly and will cause pooling and gloss finish where oil cannot soak in.
I contacted Osmo today and they have basically said that the wood needs to weather and be left untreated for a period of time (3-6 months) to allow the natural oil and tannins to leech out. They are saying that it is the natural high oil content of western red cedar that is preventing the Osmo oil from soaking in and taking properly. Wish I had known this at the time!!

Probably going to try and sand and strip the boards that I have treated.

I guess the best option is to get the fence put up and let it weather for a bit and then treat the wood after this.

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