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19 Mar 2007
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United Kingdom
I currently have the following setup, outdoor double socket connected via a spur from indoor double socket.
I wish to install a 4 way outdoor switched box(for pond pump,lights, filter etc) but I also want to retain my outdoor double socket for use when gardening.
Can I install a 2-way outdoor junction box as a spur from the indoor socket and then connect the existing outdoor double socket and 4 way switch box to the new 2-way junction box?
I\\\'m not an electrician so any advise much appreciated! ;)
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Is the spur from the inside socket to the outside socket fused? Is the outside socket protected by an RCD? Is the outside socket waterproof?
The indoor socket is connected to my main consumer board which has a built in RCD. the existing outdoor socket is fully waterproof(IP56). I want to retain the outdoor socket but also add a waterproof 4 gang switched box for all my pond equipment. I currently have my pond equipment plugged into the outdoor socket but have to frequently change cables over when I need to use other equipment.

Hope that helps.
So the spur is not fused? Then you can only put one socket on it (double socket is permitted) and nothing else.

You can either put an FCU indoors feeding the external socket, or take another spur off another convenient socket and have another outdoor socket. Anything on a spur that is not a socket (which therefore protects the load with a fused plug) needs an FCU with a fuse in it.
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Firstly, many thanks for your info.

The 4 way box I am intending to fit alreadt contains a fuse, I was always under the impression that up to 2 spurs could be taken from a socket. Unfortunately I don't have another socket that's convenient to take another spur so I'm stuck with the existing indoor socket as my only power source.

In that case would the follwing be OK.

Indoor Socket to Fused Spur.
Fused Spur to Outdoor 2-way junction box.
Junction Box to waterproof double socket.
Junction Box to 4 way switched box(for pond equip).

Forgive me if I have totally misunderstood!
Don't know about the building regs saying anything like that, I'm pretty sure the IEE regs can be interpreted as saying something like you can only have one accessory per unfused spur.
Hopefully he will have sorted it by now though.

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