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6 Jul 2021
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United Kingdom
Hope someone can help advise if this ok. Electrician has wired 2.5mm circuit for oven, washing machine, tumble dryer and dishwasher. I just bought an double oven that is 5.1kw. Is it ok to have this on a 2.5mm circuit with the other appliances? If not, what is the best option?
1) change to smaller oven (what is the maximum kw I can have?)
2) put the appliances on circuit with the other sockets
3) change cable to 6mm (which be a pain to do and no doubt cost more). Can the appliances be kept on the same circuit with 2.5mm cable?

Any other better options?
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What amperage fuse or circuit breaker protects this "2.5 mm" circuit ?
Do you not have a dedicated cooker circuit in your consumer unit / fuseboard ?
32A MCB. The cooker is on its own circuit with 6mm cable.
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Partly my fault as I gave him the impression I was getting a less powerful oven.
Partly my fault as I gave him the impression I was getting a less powerful oven.

As above, no it won't be suitable.

How difficult will it be for him to run 4mm or 6mm? And why didn't he recommend that in the first place?

I am not an electrician, but even I know that, taking in to account diversity, that a whole kitchen should not run off a single 2.5mm ring.

I would be concerned if he thought it acceptable to run an oven off a 32amp ring but I will defer to people whom I trust, such as @EFLImpudence
Are you saying that this kitchen will have a cooker (normally taken to mean a single appliance incorporating one or two ovens and a hob on top) plus an extra separate oven?
Thank you Opps.

It is not really clear what has been done.

Is it a new 32A 2.5mm² ring that has been installed for the appliances and the oven connected to the 'cooker' circuit?

If yes, that would be alright.
The hob is on its 6mm circuit and about 1.5-2m away from oven which is built into a cabinet.
It is a new 2.5mm ring but I don’t think it’s connected to cooker circuit as each has a separate mcb on the consumer unit. So it’s ok to add to the same circuit as the hob? I thought it’s recommended to have the hob on its own.
Your 5.1 kw double oven can very likely be connected to the cooker circuit ,along with your hob. what kw rating is your. hob ?
The newly installed ring final circuit ,is it dedicated to the 3 appliances you mentioned ,or are there other loads on the circuit too ? If it is dedicated, The 32 amp circuit is fine.
Hob is 6.4kw. Only the 3 appliances and oven on the new ring circuit. The manufacturer’s manual says 4mm so I guess that need to be the minimum cable size?
Are you sure the oven is on this new ring? How is it connected?

You can't plug in a 5.1kW oven.

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