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Paint peeling from fresh plaster

Discussion in 'Decorating and Painting' started by El Nombre, 28 Feb 2021.

  1. El Nombre

    El Nombre

    28 Feb 2021
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    United Kingdom
    Hi. I recently had my bathroom redone which included plastering the walls and ceiling. When it came to painting, I mist coated it and then did a couple of coats of Dulux Easycare Bathroom. However, I used masking tape for the edges and when it came to removing it, it peeled off some of the paint. This is probably my fault for leaving the tape on too long but it has highlighted that a lot of the paint doesn't seemed to have keyed to the surface very well. Some bits are peeling off in ~25cm strips. What I was wondering was whether there was any point in trying to salvage it or if it's just a case of take it all off and start again.

    I had ceilings throughout the house done by a different guy and haven't had an issue with them but I did notice that the bathroom plaster had a bit of a sheen on it for some reason. I thought the mist coat would probably sort that out though so went ahead, but maybe it should have been rubbed down first. Any advice appreciated.

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  3. sparkwright


    20 Aug 2009
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    United Kingdom
    I remember using an emulsion over an old an emulsion, and started messing about with a bit that wasn't filled as well as it should have been, and caused it to peel off in big pieces.

    It was because the paint had just been applied, on a hot day, and probably didn't dry properly, or the paint was 'unusual'. All I know is, in that particular case, if I'd left it alone it wouldn't have peeled.

    After pulling it off, and re-doing in the same paint, it's fine after 15 years.

    However, that's not to say your problem is exactly the same.

    It may be, or it may not be.

    It looks like the mist coat has survived, which is good.

    Some fancy paints do seem to behave differently.

    I think you should remove all the peeling paint if you can, if only to get an even surface to paint on.

    Using tape on new emulsion will very often pull it off, even on correctly prepared surfaces. Avoid tape if you can, it damages new emulsion regardless.

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