painting freshley skimmed walls/ceilings

11 Oct 2010
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United Kingdom
i have just had all 3 bedrooms in my new house re-skimmed on all the walls and ceilings etc as just rewired so want just painted walls as opposed to re-papering,the plaster work is still drying out and i am preparing my materials/tools list for the job of painting it all with question is do i apply a coat of pva to the walls 1st for the plaster to absorb or do i mix some pva in with the emulsion in the bucket and then apply the 1st coat...cheers :)
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First of all George, "DON'T use pva at all" on ceilings or walls, if you're emulsioning.
Make sure the new plaster has dried out completely. Most on here would tell you to leave it a week or two before you paint. To mist coat (prime/seal new plaster), i'd use Crown"white MATT emulsion", (definitely not silk). Thin it down by 25% to 30%, then roller a couple of coats on the wall. Let the newly painted/primed plaster dry completely, then you're ready to put on any emulsion (either silk or matt) you want. Remember though, "don't" use silk emulsion when "sealing new plaster",, and "never ever" use pva at any time when emulsioning.
yeah ok i will leave out the pva cheers..just been getting different advice from people thats all,+ ive got a 10litre tub of matt emulsion from b & q + 2 x 10 litre tubs of matt emulsion you think that will be enough to do 3 bedrooms in a pretty much standard 3 bed semi detached a rough guess ? im also going to do the same at a later date to the lounge(fairly small room) & a larger kitchen diner open will prob need to buy more at the time for them rooms, i have a bit of patching to do in the bedrooms where plasterer could have done better tbh curved ceiling skimming a bit hit & miss is it best just to patch up with polyfilla ? i have bought some anyway + its easyier to sand down isnt it ? + the decorating tools ive bought so far are..a craftsman paint brush set,a set of filler knifes etc, but going to b & q asap to get a roller,roller tray,metal paint kettle,paint scuttle 15l capacity, white spirits/brush cleaner..anything else i might need besides this cheers again guys :)
Yes, I also agree that firstly, let it dry from top to bottom otherwise patches on paint will be formed when it will dry up. Matt emulsion is too good for use. Apply course of action as conducted before.
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ok cheers will do,just started scraping the plaster gently as suggested rather than sanding before the mist coat..the plasterer has done very well considering the state of the walls tbh although will prob need filling/patching in places after the mist coat is applied but i can live with that..plenty of time dont go back until the 10th of jan :D & i got a very good price for the work thats been done :) already got 2 x 10litre tubs of magnolia crown matt emulsion + a 10litre tub of white matt emulsion from b & q £12.99 each bargain...will purchase more if needs be..going to use the white for the mist coat + finished ceilings colour,then the magnolia for the walls colour,cheers again :)
i have just finished doing the 1st mist coat in all 3 bedrooms..i thinned the matt emulsion down by 30/40% as suggested and it seems to have gone on very well..i now have some filling & sanding to do nxt or do i apply another mist coat before i do this ? or if i do just do all the filling/ sanding now ? and finally how much do i thin the paint down for the 2nd & third coats of my chosen finished colour ? cheers again for advice plz add any more tips do,s donts to whats already been added :D

A mist coat is the first and most important step in order to both seal the skim and provide the ideal surface for your choosen paint system, and one coat is all that is needed.

After you have filled and sanded, those areas should also be misted.You can then carry on with your paint system.

Happy New Year.

ok cheers will do all filling/sanding nxt then re-apply mist coat to them areas,another question i have is how many roller sleeves should i expect to go through painting all the 3 bedroom walls and ceilings ? i am still on the 1st sleeve medium pile after doing all the mistcoating..but have bought 2 more medium/fine if needed for top coats etc ? :)

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