Painting sash windows: am I doing the right thing

11 Dec 2008
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United Kingdom
I know there are lots of threads about this, but I just wanted to check I am doing the right thing.

I am painting a sash window inside and out. It was in ok condition, but with some sections with cracked and peeling paint (plus the previous owners had painted it shut, it being the kitchen window!!!!) so I have given the whole thing a quick sand, only taking it down to the wood in a few of the worst arears.

There are a couple of cracks/ loose joins in the frame where the putty is a bit crumbly so I was going to fill these with ronseal wood filler, or should I be using some sort of expoxy?

There isn't much bare wood so do I still need to prime that? If so, is there a specific sort of primer needed or will any do?

I was then going to use an undercoat. Does this need to be oil based and ny thoughts on what sort or again, will any do.

Then finish with a topcoat ie dulux satinwood.

Can I use the same paints and process for the outside as well as the inside? Including the outside sill?

Thanks and any pointers are gratefully appreciated.
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If you don't want it to rot in the long run, you shouldn't use gloss. The work you have described is a short term solution.

A long term solution would be to take it apart, strip it all down to bare wood, and coat with a good quality raw inseed oil.

Then paint with with linseed paint (3 coats). This allows the wood to breath, whereas gloss will crack and trap moisture in the wood and encourage rot. Even "breathable gloss" is limited in what it can do.

If you take it apart, you will need a sash window kit, which includes the new beading, with intergral draft proofing and new chord.

Any filling required - I would recommend a two part filler

Putty should be replaced with putty.

Its a big job, and best started in April. But there is a correlation between the amount of time you spend on the job, and the time it lasts before you need to do it again.
Cheers for the reply but that sounds like a lot more work than I am able to put in.

This is my first home with the missus so we don't intend to still be here in 5 years so was just aiming to improve and and tidy them up rather than completely restore.
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I have heard of wob`s recommended system but I tend to agree with you about time factor - use an exterior paint system outside and your satinwood inside - spot prime bare bits - undercoat inside can be acrylic . Outside use the correct one for the system eg. Dulux . Or you could use Magnet lead paint on the outside - if you can find any , and the HSE don`t haul you through the courts :mrgreen: That`s the stuff my old dad used ;)

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