Panel of Supreme Justices refused the Government appeal

3 Jul 2007
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United Kingdom
The Supreme Court has today rejected an appeal bid by the Department of Energy and Climate Change over cuts to the Feed-in Tariff scheme for solar PV.

A panel of Supreme Justices refused the Government leave to appeal an earlier High Court ruling that the cuts were unlawful.

The decision leaves Energy Ministers out of legal options and they must now accept they acted unlawfully by proposing to bring in cuts before the consultation period on changes was completed.

It means solar PV installations registered after the original December 12, 2011, deadline and before the March 3, 2012, contingency date now qualify for the original 43.3p kw/h subsidy rate.

Great news!!
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Great news!!
I don't see how extending massive handouts to PV operators is "great news" for anyone other than the PV operators lucky enough to get those extended handouts.
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how is it great news for you?
You have already been paid for your installations

My installation. It was accepted on the 11th February 2012 so between 12 December and 3 March cut off date. Took a chance even though 21p/kWh would still have worked, 43.3p/kWh is even better!
For many this is bad news since it means those that because of geological location can't use solar panels are subsidising those who can.

That can't be fair.

But that's been the case since FiT's were launched. This decision on it's own won't change that but what it has done is ensure the government can't make retrospective changes.
I'm all for the Government being put in its place (far too rare in Britain).

I shall reluctantly carry on subsidising you.
When the FIT was launched no one expected it to be taken up to the extent it has been and the FIT reflected the cost at that time of low quantity production. This is now know to be an error and the quantity is not low and any trip around the country side sees more and more of these solar panels.

As with the wind generators small scale can be absorbed into the grid without any real problem but large scale it is slowing reaching the point where fossil fuel generators need to sit there ticking over ready to cut in when the load raises and all the eco friendly generators can't meet the demand.

Already relatively new power stations are set to close Deeside being named as one in last few days. Unless the government steps in and changes the tariff then we can look forward to winter power cuts as the national grid can't get the power it requires.

So it does not really matter if you are a have or a have not this is a black day.
Think how the economics would work if everybody had a PV installation, and everybody was selling "their" electricity for 43p and also having to pay to buy everybody elses at 43p.

It's a bit like a pyramid scheme.

If small scale solar PV made sense there would be no need to bribe people into doing it. But it just doesn't - nothing can be done about the fact that we are about 54° north of the equator and have a predominantly wet and cloudy climate.

Nothing can be done about the fact that the average power of sunshine landing on a south facing roof is about 110W/m², nor that on average it is only sunny for about ⅓ of daylight hours.

And remember those are averages over the entire year - between November and February the average solar intensity is about 30W/m².

There's no point to it from an energy production POV because unless you want to have nothing more than a couple of light bulbs and a kettle which takes hours to boil on a winter's day, and SFA for 16 hours a day, you're still going to want to have electricity made in power stations.

And there's no point to it from a financial POV, unless you're happy for your electricity to cost 3-4x what it does today.
I`m disappointed we have not gone more into tidal power if any.
An Island surrounded by water with a tide rising twice a day with enormous lifting potential of great force over small heights could theoretically release great energy with little spoiling of the landscape
Well, today's looking good:cool:
Already generated 11kWh and fully expect to break through the 20kW barrier for the first time.
Also generated the predicted PVGIS amount for March (262kWh) by mid morning so I'd be expecting ~25-30% increase on the predicted figures for this month.

Best thing I've ever invested in and proud to be doing my 'green' bit :D
I think that Mr Sheds should calm down and then consider the following:

This mythical granny is purportedly being 'killed' because her annual electricity bill is raised by 40p (last figures I saw) per year. The 40p is being added, on behalf of the government, in order to meet European agreements to reduced carbon emissions. The same government assists the said granny by sending her at least £200 per year, tax free, to prevent her from freezing in the winter.

Sheds has worked himself up into a frenzy over a complete irrelevancy and needs to get a grip on reality.
BAN, if we lived closer then I'd invite you to put your views forward face to face but alas, we don't so anything you have to say to me you can do it via PM.

Anyway, just short of 22kWh, loving it :cool: :LOL:
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