Parking car close to brick wall

18 Nov 2015
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United Kingdom
I have to park my car tightly close to an outdoor brick wall (which is mine) with the possibility that accidentally I may scratch the car. What would be a suitable weather-resistant material to put on the wall that would be less likely to damage the car? Alternatively, any other ideas as to how to park very close to a brick wall without accidental damage?
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A soft wood batten covered in a soft weather resistant material fitted to the wall. Sheep skin rug cut into strips might be a suitable material.

Or sofistication with a break beam detector along the wall that sounds a warning if the car ( or anything else ) gets too close to the wall. ( a friend has fitted one to stop his wife reversing into the garage wall )
Thank you bernardgreen. That sounds good. However wouldn't sheepskin rug strips rot?
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fix a mirror to the wall in a position where you can see it from the driving seat and it shows the car:wall gap

You can get special traffic mirrors but a bike mirror would do and is weatherproof.
However wouldn't sheepskin rug strips rot?
I had a real sheep skin jacket for outdoor rough weather use that lasted for years before the stitching gave up. Cheap reject skins so not a fashon statement.

Maybe a rug would not have the same type of tanning treatement.
Just search "car wall protector" on Amazon loads of stuff there. Another solution is to lay paving slabs on the ground pushed against the wall so they cannot move, just where the tyres want to finish, as soon as they touch STOP!
wrap some foam pipe lagging round some strips of wood then screw them to wall at the point which is going to be nearest the car
Alternatively, any other ideas

I take it you mean the passenger side of the car is at risk, not just stopping at the correct point and not hitting a wall?

If so, you could make something similar to these HGV guide rails...


...using deep slotted unistrut, which looks like this (comes in 3 metre lengths normally)...


Bolt it down to the drive precisely so that the side of the car can't touch the wall. It's 41mm tall, so the tyre won't ride up it as you steer against it so to speak, it will slide along parallel touching it because of its rounded edges, similar to what you see at the start of some carwashes...


And you can bend it at the start like above by cutting into it many many many times like this, leaving a smooth edge for the tyre to slide against...


Gaz :)
Paint a big white stripe on the drive and a corresponding big stripe on your bonnet - that way you can line them up :)

Have you seen scaffolding poles with the bright foam around them?
Some of that - or even the floaty play stuff from Poundland stuck to the wall will do, but it will add a 3" gap.
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Perhaps something like the Dambusters' bomb sight can be used to align the car exactly on the final approach?

As a bonus, you could play the Dambusters March as you pull on to the drive.

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