Peugeot 106 won't start

21 Jan 2007
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United Kingdom
Hoping someone can give me some advice, as I'm suffering a string of problems with my R reg 1.1 petrol Peugeot 106, automatic choke. I know a bit about how a car works, but let's assume for simplicity that I know nothing!

Since I bought it in April it has been unreliable starting - about one time in 10 it won't fire, and I can only leave it for a few minutes before trying again. When cold and idling the engine is usually jerky. but fine when it's been running for a while. Took it for a service in October and they cleared out the choke valve, new plugs, new oil, air and fuel filters. Didn't completely solve the starting problem, but I could live with it.

Two weeks ago the front/middle sections of the exhaust went due to corrosion. These things happen and it wasn't a major problem. The AA rescued me and Kwik Fit replaced it (at a hefty price!) and pointed out a minor coolant leak that needed checking. Got home fine.

The next day the coolant leak bit - I could only go a couple of miles without overheating. AA towed me to a garage again, where they found the inlet manifold had split. Replaced it, it was fine for a couple of days.

But now it won't start at all - it either fires then instantly dies, or doesn't fire at all. Most worryingly, when I release the key, the battery light and the yellow "Petrol engine fault warning light" come on. The manual is not very helpful about this, it just says "consult your Peugeot dealer". Thing is, that's cost me £400 already this month.

I'm hoping this is just a flat battery (although I don't see how it could be), so I'm going to try charging it later. In the meantime, any ideas or random guesses would be very welcome.

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Have you checked for a spark at all plugs ? What you are describing sounds like it could be a breakdown of the ignition amplifier(if it's a ducellier coil system).Could also be the coolant temp sensor.As you must appreciate it could be many things and you may need a fault code readout.Try the spark test first and see how you go.

You can buy a cheap fault code reader from ebay or halfords for under £20 which will probably help point you in the right direction.
Could be alot of things, but with the overheating and coolant loss i'd be looking at possibly the headgasket gone.
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