Peugeot 206 Key

29 Dec 2008
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United Kingdom
Hello all, I have recently bourght a Peugeot 206 1.1 petrol on an 03 plate, the ignition has worn away where you press to open and close the doors remotly,on close inspection I can see where someone has tampered with the circuit board and there appears to be a very small rectangular shaped steel cover with a small rubber insert missing from one of the swicthes where the fob front push button lines up with it, would or could this affect the engine imobilizer to operate and stop the engine from starting? When it does start it runs fine hot or cold. What is the proccedure in getting a replacement key?
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It sounds like the rubber touch pads have worn away on your remote....all they do is protect the tiny switch that is beneath.
It won't effect the immobiliser, just the central locking.
As for a new key - well they do cost the earth, but auto locksmiths may have the answer if you don't want to go to Peugeot.
John :)
Blank keys available on E-Bay, if you can get your "chip" (square black thing) from the original key and transplant it into the blank. Might save a bit, for you, just all depends on the key type.

That sounds like the pad switch you see on the PCB board?
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