peugeot 307 airbag light

28 Dec 2005
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United Kingdom
can anyone help me?
my 307's airbag warning light has come on permanently. the peugeot dealer i took it to said it was the coms 2000 switch or something but they were very vague. they wanted over £250 for a new one. any ideas would be appreciated.
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I know the 306 has a problem with the airbag light coming on beacuase the seat belt pretensioners under the seat work their way loose (from moving the seat to and fro). Don't know if this is a problem with the 307 but you might want to check these before shelling out a ton of cash. They are little coloured connectors right under each front seat.
thanks for the tip. i will try checking the connectors.
if this is the problem will the light need to be reset or will it just go out?
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It's a problem with the 206 as well, the Comms 2000 unit seems to be the root of all evil and every problem seems to be solved by re-setting it!!
What happened? Did you get your warning light sorted.

I have a 306 and i went up the curb to get into my driveway (which i have done for the past 2 years with this car - was not hammering it!) and it been flashing ever since. It's ok during the day, but at night drives me nuts.