Phone and ADSL. Can't get both working together.

30 Sep 2006
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

hope somebody can help, I've tried all I can think of and I'm pulling my hair out!

My house got hit by electrical storms in June, it fused the alarm and knocked out the phone extension sockets amogst other things!

After the storm, the BT master socket was ok, but I couldn't get a dial tone from any of the extension sockets. I bought a new NTE5a socket and replaced and wired up the extension bottom part only. I took the phone round the house and there was a dial tone on every extension.

The problem now is I can't get the ADSL and phone line working together on any of the extension sockets. ADSL works on all of the extensions, but if the phone is plugged in (to same microfilter) the line is dead and if you dial the phone it goes straight to BT 1571. If I remove the RJ11 cable from the microfilter, the dial tone comes back.

Its not the microfilters, RJ11 cable nor the router - I've tried several others. To back this up, on the master socket (including the extension bit that plugs into the master socket) I can get a dial tone with the router in.

I've tested all the filters and another RJ11 cable on the master and they're ok.

I also tested plugging the router into an extension socket and having the phone line in the master NTE5a socket (via m/filters obviously). This works???? If I take the phone and plug it back into that extension microfilter I get nothing.

As I said, confident its not the microfilters, RJ11 cable, etc as I can get both working on the master socket. I have nothing else plugged in to any of the extensions.

Does anybody have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance....David
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lightening down the phone line oftn frys everything connected to it.

it sound like in your case it only half fried it, change all sockets /microfilters and all of bt socket then see what happens

being half fried is why it only half works, the connected stuff is not totaly fried to make a short, but 2 items each half fried are
you would probably be able to make an insurance claim and pay somone else to fix it.
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Thanks Guys,

thought about a claim, but have never claimed on insurance and didn't really want to start. But I suppose thats what it's there for!

One thing I don't understand...

1. If I plug just the phone in, each extension works ok
2. If I plug the router in each extension, ADSL is fine.
3. If I plug them in together, there is no dial tone on any line except the master.

Is it likely lightning could do that? Only two sockets had anything attached when the storm hit.

Plus given that phone or adsl works, is it lilkely the wires could have been damaged? Its a new house and the wires are buried.

Any comments?

anything is possible when ypu get a lightenig strike, hence change all the lot. (why you no listen)

oh, regarding insurance, what you going to claim for?

i look at it you cant claim as you have nothing to claim for, its not fixed, nothing has been changed.
Incorrectly wired system or microfilters (apart from the sockets themselves and if a telephone works in them - including ringing) that should preclude them!!

Disconnect the ringing conductor - pin 3 - and does the phone still ring? If so then it has an internal ring circuit and not really much use as a test phone as you could have wires crossed and the phone will still work in each socket individually.

Check each socket to ensure that pins 2,3 & 5 are correctly joined in all (Check them properly don't automatically assume they are right!). If they are then try new microfilters. If the filters you have are similar to a two way phone adapter, allbeit marked phone & adsl, chuck them away and get some decent ones.

Nothing else left. Problem is that after the storm the OP replaced some of the wiring/accessories so problem could have easily been introduced
your best but is to test the wires from the master socket , test the sockets and the microfilters with a test meter .
tomy said:
your best but is to test the wires from the master socket , test the sockets and the microfilters with a test meter .
Surely this would be the best but?

arf...nearly fell off my chair...

Thanks guys, will try the suggestions next day or so and let you know what I find.

Re the omments about the microfilters, is it possible they can work perfectly in the master but not in the extension? Does this indicate a possible problem drawing enough power for the phone?

It's not unknown for a lightning strike to cause a failure of the internal cable insulation, without any apparent damage to the outer sheath. Once we had to replace every single bit of telephone wiring and every handset in a building after a strike. The insulation on the wires inside the cable sheaths had been fused into one solid lump.

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