Plasterboard bracket hook?

4 Jun 2004
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United Kingdom
I've got a heavy round mirror to hang on a wall. There is a single hole on the back of the mirror.

I'm good with plasterboard fixings - but I know that this mirror is too heavy for a single toggle fixing with a protrouding screw.

My question is - has anyone seen a bracket with a hook attached that will let me spread the weight of the mirror over a larger area of plasterboard? I've looked and looked but can't find anything - I'm amazed there doesn't seem to be anything for this purpose?!!

As I said I need to spread the weight of this mirror over the plasterboard. Does anyone know of anything I can use to do this? As I said, toggle fixings are great but a single toggle with one screw won't be enough.


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get a samller mirror not good)
"glue" mirror (not good)
fix batten to plasterboard (maybe)
put screw into noggin which is in wall (good)
What is the mirror frame made from, can't you add some more fixing points?
Thanks for the replies.

The studs are not in the right position for the mirror.

I did think about a baton, but it means adding a baton to the mirror, which I don't want to do.

The mirror is wood, but I'm not drilling into an expensive oak mirror!!

Why is there no fixing bracket that has a hook on it? I mean, so many people seem to have heavy items to hang onto plasterboard there must be a product available? I can't believe I have to bodge this...

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you will not be "bodging it" if you put a batten on the wall or more fixings on the mirror
I will be bodging it...because both options mean ruining an expensive mirror by altering it.

Which is a shame, when all I really need is a nice metal bracket with a hook on it that would spread the weight over a section of the plasterboard.

Maybe you could buy something like a TV bracket, saw off the arm and modify it somehow? Not sure exactly how it would work having not seen the mirror but it's a thought...
Basically yes, this is what I need, except with a hook instead of an arm!!

Can't believe that no one's thought of making something like that before, especially with all the plasterboard in use these days.

Thanks for all the help anyway.

sorry but i still say its not a bodge, cutting up somethinhg and adapting it for your use (tv bracket) is a bodge.

I do not see how fixing a"hook" to the frame of a mirror which already has a "hook" will ruin or damage it
A couple of blob of gripfill behind the mirror at the bottom?
Use mirror plates. There are 2 ways you can do this; fix them to the edge of the mirror, 2 at the top and 2 at the bottom - the disadvantage is that you can see the plates but they are quite tidy on a big mirror.

The other way is to bore blind holes in the back of the frame with a 10 or 12mm wood bit, being careful not to come through the face of the frame. Then you can screw miror plates over the holes so they will slot onto screws sticking out of the wall.

The second way is my favourite, you can't see any fixings and the mirror sits flat to the wall.

I don't agree that altering things or improvising is a bodge as long as it does a good and tidy job. If people are not prepared to experiment and adapt then there is no progress.

You can also buy joggle plates, which are plates which interlock, one on the mirror and one on the wall. And if you think you are ruining a mirror frame by fixing something to the back of it then I would say that the person who fitted the hook has already 'ruined' it by doing just that!

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