Plasterboard joint filling ready for painting

14 Dec 2019
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United Kingdom
I am about to finish a ceiling ready for painting. I am not a plasterer. A high false ceiling has been put up with a new wood frame having put up and new plasterboard attached to the frame. For a number of reasons, the ceiling is going to have the plasterboard joints filled rather than being skimmed (mainly cost and the fact that we can't get a plasterer for a number of weeks) and then will be painted straight onto the plasterboard

I have a couple of questions. Having looked online at how to do this it appears, basically, that the joints are taped and then the joints are filled.

1) Which is the best method and tape to use? would it be
a) Scrim tape and then joint filler applied over it. I think this is easier but I do not want any of the scrim tape mesh to show through as small squares
b) to use joint filler, then paper tape, and then another layer of joint filler. This will take longer and require more sanding but should give a better finish

2) Which is the best joint filler to use? The best reviews appear to be for Knauf fill and finish, gyproc joint filler or Easy fill 60. As I am an amateur I would like something that gives a long working time and is easily sandable.

It seems relatively straight forward but is there anything else I am not aware of?

Many thanks in advance for any responses.

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24 Oct 2020
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United Kingdom
I'd fill joints first. Use damp sponge around filler edges along with taping knife to fill joints. They won't sag when you tape if you pre fill.
When dry light sand joints.
Pva 4-1 (or gardz or beeline if you have any) applied just over the ffilled joints. Will make taping easy when sealed.
Now tape it. I use fibre fuse tape. Paper is not easy for diy. Fine mesh (vs standard mesh) is probably the easiest for diy. 30% thinner than standard mesh so that or fibre fuse. Use damp sponge and taping knife again. Feather edges with knife blade and sponge.

Makegood quick dry from B&Q is an OK ready mixed. Brands are all a bit different but do same job so pick any but that one is OK.

Bodge cheap orbital on vacuum with duck tape then 180 grade paper. Any sander will do tbh if you have one.
You can use 120g but might not be very smooth vs 180g. Depends on fillers used and how much you need to sand.

Seal over entire ceiling with gardz although cheaper to use beeline sealer.
Paint with any emulsion. Eclipse is a cheap option and very flat matt.
GoodHome durable is another cheap option from B&Q
15 Nov 2007
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United Kingdom
DIYer and have done a bit of taping and jointing (not very good at plastering).

Decent stainless steel 'mud' pan, 6 inch and 10 inch knives.
My Ox knives and Stanley pan were about £30 from Amazon.

Used Easifil 60. Worked fine but took ages to dry. Just had to wait. Sands easily.
Got on OK with paper tape. Had to redo or cut out bubbles a few times.
Fibafuse self adhesive. Can break apart if you are a bit heavy handed. Works well.

I found Vancouver Carpenter on Youtube very addictive :)
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