Plastic gully to clay trap outside drain

23 Aug 2007
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United Kingdom

I'm laying paving in the yard and am tidying up the surface water drainage. The existing clay gully that feeds into this clay trap was badly cracked and leaking. Have cleaned out and inspected the trap and there are no cracks so that will save me digging up more than I need to. However, are there specific gullies with grids to fit these old clay traps or do I need to use a modern 110mm plastic one and somehow seal them together?

Had a look online and can only find the 110mm ones I think and I'm wondering if the gap would be too big to fill?

Thanks in advance :)

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@Hugh Jaleak will probably know. However you could try raising it up, but using either flexseal internal coupling or, perhaps a mcalpline dc1 connector (looks 4”) and a gulley riser or hopper.
Thanks for your reply. It's about a 6inch internal hole in the trap. Slightly oval from when it was fired (5.75 x 6.25") so would need a bigger connector. Not sure I'd have the room for a connector and a hopper so I'm wondering whether I should concrete something like this in:

Should have also said, I'm wanting to install a drainage channel to run into it and I'm assuming I can connect it to one of the side inlets on a hopper like this ^^^
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The top of n Osma 4D900 would fit into that. It has its own part number of 4D907 but I’m not sure if you can buy it separately.
Yes should be ok to go into the inlet on that, it's just whether you can concrete that in.
I think you have the complete gulley there, someone has swapped the grid at some stage, and possibly extended it upwards, the original unit would have been what you see there, the old salt glazed range wasn't as comprehensive as todays systems.

To be quite honest you've exposed the outlet pipework already, and trying to mate anything to what you have isn't going to be easy. I'd be inclined to cut through the outlet pipe, lift that old clay pot out and drop a Bottle Gulley in, short piece of 110mm pipe and a Flexseal coupling onto the clay, and you're away.

I doubt the hopper you've pictured will be any good, the boss connections on that are only 40/50mm I think, not going to be big enough for connecting channel drain, you need 110mm. I'd have a look at the Osma Bottle Gulley, it's a bit more expensive, but has 110mm bosses on the side, channel drain can connect directly to those.
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