Please recommend a compatible TRV's head (solved)

18 Nov 2005
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United Kingdom
Hi all

I found the cause of one of my radiators being cold. It is 5-year-old 15mm British Gas TRV' plastic head. When I took the plastic head off, when the system was working, to check for stuck pin, the radiator suddenly started heating up properly. When I put the TRV's top back - it stopped, even on the highest setting. It looks like the inside movable part is not moving up and down.

Does anyone know of any compatible TRV's heads I can buy from plumbing merchants to replace the BG' TRV's head so I don't replace the whole thing?

Many thanks for your help
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Can anyone please confirm one way or another if TRV heads are easily interchangeable between different brands.

And if so, what would the nearest match to the British Gas TVR head would be?
No interchangeability, unless by shear chance. However the BG TRV is probably a re-badged version of another brand. What do BG say?
I haven't spoken to them yet but probably will.

Very reluctant to do so, as severed all my links with them - cental heating cover and gas supply - because of a dispute over quality of their central heating installation.

Just wanted to know if I can use any other brands.

Looked in one hardware store at TRVs: they had similar features but I wasn't sure if they can fit. Worried about length of the pin and the distance to the movable part inside of the TRV's head.
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Why not post a pic of your trv, one of us may recognise the make :idea:
Sorry guys - still living in a stone age. Have no digital camera.

But will borrow one (digital camera) on Monday then and post the picture of the TRV asap.

Have tried to Google for it but couldn't find anything.

Maybe visiting this site British Gas engineers would be kind to help?
Hi. If its the plastic one the part No is 555641 , If its the chrome one its 555617.

Ring 01162503128 (British Gas Spares By Post). p&p is about £3 i think

If it is the chrome one then a drayton TRV4 head will fit it.
Not sure about the plastic one.
scatmanjohn - many thanks

Will definitely give them a call on Monday now.

Yes, I have a white plastic one. It's an angled, fully reversible one and was fitted 5 years ago. It has British Gas written twice on top of it and five side openings with three vertical slots each. Setting go from * to 6.
Hi..To be honest i would buy the whole valve cos its about a quid more expensive than the head on its own and you will have a spare one if any go faulty.

Part No..555600
That's a very good idea! Very much appreciated.

Will be calling them tomorrow morning.

Thanks for your help, everyone.

Thank you one more time for your advice and pointing me in the right direction (Drayton).

I did more online research and accidently found this info:
"We fit a branded version of the Drayton RT212, same body as TRV4 but a different top, in white, with BG logo."

I looked at the picture of RT212 and it's almost identical to my TRV, apart from the top bit. Bull's eye.

I am posting this finding just in case anyone else needs to replace their or other people's broken British Gas TRV heads without replacing the whole valve.
Happy ending!

Spoke to Drayton technical support on Monday and they confirmed that British Gas TRVs are rebadged Drayton TRVs. They also told me that TRV4 and RT212 heads are interchangeable and can fit on the same valve body.

Off I went to my local Leyland and bought TRV4. My radiator never worked better.

The moral of this thread: this forum rocks. Already looking forward to my next plumbing problem. Thanks all.
I’m coming late to this thread. Searching Amazon for a RT212 valve cover got me a Homgen TRV head which does not fit. It sits too high and the underneath is different from my 2009 British Gas version. I’d be grateful for help. I spent a long time with a BG chatbot and online adviser without getting anywhere. Direct phone call endless delay.

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