Plug Sockets............. Well not enough of em.

23 Mar 2004
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United Kingdom
Not sure what the best solution is here.

I have the below items in one corner of my lounge.

DVD player
DVD amp
Sub Woofer
Video (for kids)
PS2 Surround system
Sky Digital
Chordless phone (where phone line is)

I have only 2 wall sockets there so I am using a 6 socket adaptor. What I would like to do is have, say 3 double wall sockets on the wall rather than the 6 socket adaptor, as I am forever having to unplug one thing or the other, PS2 or video, sub woofer. What I would like is to have them all plugged in, safetly, and not have to worry about swapping plugs over.

What is the best way of getting round this?

Thanks in advance...................
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it is to do as you said is have, say 3 double wall sockets on the wall you should make sure they are all on the ring

like below

it depends on the existing socket there

if the existing socket is on the ring (two cables coming in and when you disconnect them from the socket and test with a meter there is continuity between them) then just put all the new sockets into the ring as above useing 2.5mm cable

if the whole cuircuit is a radial (only one cable from the cuircuit in the cu) then you can either insert like a ring or branch to the socket whichever is easier. if the cuircuit is on a 16A or 20A breaker you should use 2.5mm cable if the cuircuit is on a 32A breaker you should use 4mm cable

if the thing is on the end of a spur from a ring (only one cable and the bulk of the cuircuit is not a radial) then you should place a fcu before all sockets

if the thing has 2 wires the main curcuit appears to be a ring (2 cables in the cu breaker) but when you mesure between the wires you get no continuity you have one of 3 things a split ring or a multi socket unfused spur or a multi socket fused spur the first 2 of theese do not meet regs the last one does

you can find out if it is a split ring by disconnecting the cables from the CU and testing for continuity there if you have a spare way in your CU you can easilly fix a split ring by putting the 2 sides onto 20A breakers to give 2 radials

if it's a multi socket spur then you need to find the source of the spur and see if there is a fcu before any sockets if there is not then insert one and then you can treat it just like if the cuircuit was a 20A radial

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