Potterton Puma 100e parts discrepancy (PCB)

5 May 2004
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United Kingdom
Good evening all,

I'll try to be concise as possible:

From the brilliant advice on this forum, I think the PCB on the Potty has gone (no mains lights on boiler, fuse in mains suppy ok, when I press the 2amp fuse on the PCB (with an insulated screwdriver!), the mains lights briefly flash and there are sparks behind the PCB - I only did this once).

The boiler is nearly ten years old now and I don't expect it to last much longer. For this reason, I was checking out the recon'd units on Ebay for around £30.

The PCB inside the boiler is definitely part number 21/18867 and this is for the Potterton Puma 100 (permanent pilot). However, mine is the Potterton Puma 100e (I have just gone and checked and it definitely has the electronic pilot). So according to it, the PCB is the wrong one for the boiler !

Is this common ? Did Potterton interchange the parts ? Just want to be sure before I order the new part.

Thanks all, much appreciated.....
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Cheers bengasman......just strange.....all the listings on Ebay state 18867 does NOT fit the 100e but its definitely in mine !
I think from the posts on this forum concerning the PCBs, its something of a miracle its lasted ten years.
Thanks again.
The boards are very similar, and can be interchanged if you know how to adapt them.
I would not recommend getting recon boards from fleebay.
You can try your luck with original parts sourced from unknown vendors, or try to get a recon board from a specialist if you are looking for as cheap as possible.
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OK cheers.

The boiler was purchased brand new and the PCB has never been changed so it seemed odd.

Might be worth plumping for the brand new boards then.

I know no-one can say for sure without seeing the boiler, but would you say its the PCB from the symptoms I described?

Thanks all.
Potty boards are known to have problems, so their is a good chance it is the problem.
Could we refer to the boards as seimans, honeywell and sit rather than potty- really isn't fair giving potty a bad name when really should be manufacturers name being kicked. :)
Might be worthwhile having a look for any dry joints on the back of the board specifically by where you saw sparking- there may be some signs of heat damage on casing giving you an idea of location
Could we refer to the boards as seimans, honeywell and sit rather than potty- really isn't fair giving potty a bad name when really should be manufacturers name being kicked. :)
I beg to differ. Potty chooses who makes the board and if it is not up to spec, it should be corrected. They should have made sure the boards were manufactured to a reasonable standard before putting them on the market.
Puma's are renown for poor boards, and the suprima was so bad, it was deemed as "not fit for purpose" if I recall correctly.
Bit hard to defend my point if your going to bring up the suprima :rolleyes:
Point that I was making was that H.........ll etc manufactured these parts to be fit for the purpose they were commissioned for, but rarely do people talk abouth the poor quality of the specific manufacturers of each of these boards.
Indeed. Bastweds even blamed me to the custard when they had to come out to replace a board on a 2 week old boiler. Will never forgive them for that.

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