Power to the people

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China has the sense to know it needs a mix of generators. It also has the money, we don't. And that's the reason we aren't building nuclear power plants.

Strange. We seem to have lots of money to build windmills. We seem to have enough money to subsidise the EU. And we certainly have sufficient money to spare to ring fence foreign aid. :LOL:
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why not collect methane from farm cows.

They already do.
1 tonne of dairy cow slurry at 69g/kg dry matter produces about 15.2 cubic meters of biogas containing 85 kWh of energy.
Biogas is a mixture of gases: methane (50–75%); carbon dioxide (25–50%); nitrogen (0–10%); hydrogen (0–1%); hydrogen sulphide (0–1%); and oxygen1 (0–2%).
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