PPE, your thoughts?

Do you have evidence that MPs committed fraud?
Not yet.
Why aren't the communication records being released to exonerate the people involved?
Baroness Michelle Mone, at the centre of controversy over her alleged links to a firm awarded a PPE contract, will take a leave of absence from the House of Lords with immediate effect.

It comes as Labour tries to try to force the publication of texts and emails relating to £200m of Covid PPE contracts secured by a company linked to Conservative peer.

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HSBC investigated the flow of money.

"The HSBC probe found that £65mn in profits from PPE Medpro were transferred to The Warren Trust, whose beneficial owner was Barrowman and registered in the Isle of Man, £45.8mn of which was then transferred to Barrowman’s personal account.

A sum of £28.8mn was then transferred to The Keristal Trust, whose beneficiaries were Mone and her children, the documents show.

Barrowman said the transfers were made for “tax efficiency reasons” and that he sent money to Mone and her children in “his personal capacity”, the document said.

More than £700,000 was also transferred to the account of Mone’s eldest daughter Rebecca, as well as £3mn to another account Mone held with the private bank Coutts, the report states."

Source: FT
In unrelated news,

"The largest part of the order, about 25mn surgical gowns, was ultimately deemed unfit for purpose."
"The government came under heavy criticism last year when it emerged that in the early months of the pandemic it had awarded two contracts — for £80mn and £122mn — to PPE Medpro after Mone lobbied then ministers Michael Gove and Lord Theodore Agnew using their personal email addresses."
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"Barrowman assured the bank that neither he nor his wife had any role advising UK government officials on PPE procurement and that Mone had no involvement in the business activities of PPE Medpro, the report says."
Why does nobody give me £30million for something I didn't do?
I expect the civil service will come in for some blame as they did for the post bre*it shambles.