Trickle down Corruption? Hancock helped secure £180m PPE Deal

Why do people blank out their details on FOI requests? It's trivial to find them as they're publicly available.
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When the rumours first started coming from Wuhan I was as scared as the next man, soon after, due mainly to firstly the NBC warfare training we had in the armed forces I realized things didn't add up, I've spent time in a gas chamber proving our NBC suits and gas mask, Hancock will have us believe that a loose fitting surgical mask will protect us from the deadliest virus in the known universe, the MOD could have saved millions! They could have issued us with them...
So much wrong with this.

  • NBC have to deal with chemical warfare. Viruses are larger than gasses.
  • Respirator cartridges last 8 hours. I can't remember how long the suits last but not indefinitely.
  • Covid-19 has never been claimed to be the deadliest virus ever.
  • NBC suits aren't cheap.
  • Respirators aren't cheap
  • We don't have enough for everyone
I don't think Pred expects anyone to take his nonsense seriously. He's just tasked with keeping the streets wet by constantly peeing on them.
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No I didn’t actually,there are multiple letters obtained under the freedom of information act on multiple sites. That letter I posted is on about 30 different sites.
He has just put it on his site just like multiple others.
If it’s fake use the contact details on the letter and ask about it.
Yet you won’t because yet again more evidence has been provided that you can’t dispute so you just call it fake.
The details are there for anyone to validate it.

feel free to use any of the contact details on that letter to confirm the validity.

As stated I have multiple others from multiple towns,cities,counties with contact details on that anybody is open to use.
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