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Prep for laying lawn

Discussion in 'In the Garden' started by Jase pank, 30 May 2021.

  1. Jase pank

    Jase pank

    19 Dec 2020
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    United Kingdom
    Evening guys.
    I have levelled down my back garden to about where i want it. My question is how much deeper should i go before building back up with top soil ready to lay turf. Will just a layer of top soil be ok to lay turf on over heavy thick clay?
    Thanks guys
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  3. Swwils


    2 Jul 2020
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    United Kingdom
    Youll need to create at least 100mm of topsoil which will eventually be raked till it's fine. If you have managed that then you'll be set to try level it and sow or turf.

    You can either buy topsoil if you have the height available and money to spend or make it with what you've got already: add sand if it's heavy or clay - adding loamy topsoil to break it up as required.

    If it's light and sandy then you'll need to go the other way and add some peat - otherwise it will dry out and not support grass growth.

    Other stuff:

    When prepping the top soil you can start major leveling if needed, but take care to maintain your depth of topsoil by not moving too much from one place as grass will be **** in sub-soil. This is one of the main reasons for growth differences in a lawn or colour variations.

    Your timing is abit off, so you can't get frost to help you break down the soil now. So it will be hard day's graft with the rotorvator. (If you dig in autumn you can leave it dug out and the temperatures will turn it all grainy and easy to break down).

    Once the major leveling is done you can let it dry out a bit, then rake it to a semi firm and very level state. I don't like using a roller or foot method to ramp it down, a big bit 2m of flat wood with some weights on it dragged around works best. Don't compact it too much or you will invalidate all your digging and topsoil creation. Being level is what makes the difference to "finish" of the final lawn.

    Then a day or so before putting the seed/turf down treat the soil with pre seed fertiliser. Water as required. Away you go!
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