Problem with Candy Grand'O GO292-80 9kg Washing Machine

5 Aug 2011
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United Kingdom
I bought a Candy Grand'O GO292-80 9kg washing machine over 18 months ago. During a wash, the mains power got cut off and when power was restored, the washing machine seemed to have trouble recognising the chosen cycle on the dial. Now, I can't get it to wash at a chosen cycle and it will spend ages flashing between all the different cycles. I tried to put it on a 'Quick 32' wash, but I've no idea what programme it actually washed at, it went on for well over 90 mins and ended with a 600 spin! (the 32 wash spins at 800 so I know it definitely wasn't that one.)
Any ideas how I can get it to wash at what the dial is turned to?
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A power-cut shouldn't affect the machine at all. Normally they just start up again where they left off. A power surge on the other hand is another kettle of fish (frequently happens during thunderstorms). It can easily wipe out your pcb. Unfortunately there is no way of telling if there has been a voltage spike before or after the blackout. But it does happen. Turn the machine off & pull the plug out for 30mins. See what happens when you turn it back on again.
Thanks for that. Thinking about it, it probably was a power surge, it did happen during some bad weather.
I unplugged it from the mains for about a week while I went on holiday hoping it would sort itself out and when I got back tried to use it again. But it still has the same problems, it just can't settle on the cycle chosen on the dial and I've no idea what programme it goes on.
If it is the pcb is there anything I can do myself, or do I need to call in someone?

Thanks so much for your help.
Try & run a test program first (with no washing in the machine!).
Turn the program selector to off. Press & hold in the first option button on the left (depending on panel layout it could be stain vanish or spin speed). Turn the program selector 2 positions clockwise. Release the button as soon as the LED on it illuminates. Once the button is released all the option LED’s, maximum spin LED, + all LED’s on the residual time indicator should become permanently lit. Within 5 seconds press the start button. If successful the residual time LED’s and the max spin LED start flashing alternatively with the option LED’s & the test program should start automatically. The machine then goes through a sequence of testing each function in turn. If a fault occurs the program is stopped and an error code displayed. Error codes are manifested by a repeated series of flashes on the first option LED & first LED in the residual time indicator (more or less straight above the option LED). Should an error be found you should see ”x” flashes – pause – then repeat (until the machine is switched off). To exit the test program at any time turn the machine off at the program selector. Good results.
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Hi Zipper,

I tried that with the washing machine and nothing happened. All the LEDs light up but only for about a second and when I pressed the start button, nothing happens at all.
Does this mean it's got bigger problems?
I certainly sounds your the pcb may have gone awol :(
If you can't enter service mode then it is likely the fault lies with the electronics. In my opinion Hoover/Candy electronics are questionable at best. Maybe you ought to speak to these chaps
Thanks so much for all your help.

I'll check out the link, if it's not too expensive for them to fix it I'll try that, otherwise, I think it'll be 'spares or repairs' on eBay for it!
Hi there I have a candy go482 it will not drain. I have put a new pump in there and checked all pipes for blocks. They are all OK I have ran the test and this is what I got any idea what it could be

The far left 90 min and stain vanish led flash 3 times together then go off then do it again and keep going
Would you know what this means many thanks
Three flashes only only tell you what you already have a drain problem.
If you have confirmed the drain & sump hose are clear then check the voltage at the pump terminals a drain cycle. If you have none check the wiring back to the pcb. If that is in order the pump triac has blown (new pcb required).
Well just as I was going to check the voltage out the wires came out of the connected. The connector that connects to the pump. It was partially black and melted. I have trimed the wires back and attached and soldered them to the blades. Then insulated and it is working fine many thanks for your speedy reply

Don't know why it melted maybe water on the connectors ?[/img]
More likely a bad connection. Two new insulated spade connectors is the right way to go.
Hi, im having some issues with my machine, it stops halfway through any cycle and flashes 2 lights at the far left, i have to unplug it and wait some time to ry it againand sometimes even this doesnt work, and now its failing to drain (we had to repair a tear in the rubber seal yesterday on a temp basis til the new one comes) any help here appreciated thanks

PS what is a PCB and is it expensive?
I have tried the test program and had no errors.
However, when I turn the dial to select a washing program, very often, the spin LED's flash jumps to different speeds which is a confirmation to me that the machine cannot decide which program to start.
Do you know if the testing program is checking the pcb as well?
Could be a problem with the dial and it needs to be cleaned?
Now, knowing about this problem, I turn the dial on and off till the spin LED's flash is steady and correspond with the program, which is a confirmation that the program is properly selected.
Now, after damaging some clothes, I realize that I have this problem for years but I always blamed the clothing manufacturer for incorrect washing instructions.

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