Pull cord light switch replacement

18 Sep 2020
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United Kingdom
I need to replace pull cord light switch in my bathroom. So I ordered so called 1-way switch without checking what I have first. It looks like I have currently mounted 2-way switch.

1. This is what I have now:

The current is flowing only on two brown sockets on the right side (they are bridged).

2. This is what I bought:

How should I connect the new one (if possible)?
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Double pole is different to two way.

Cant see from your photo, what are the markings on each terminal of the existing switch?
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Does "2 pole" means 2-way?
No, 2 pole means there are two sets of contacts that switch on and off together. 2 way means a contact that switches between two contacts.

2 pole pull cords are sometimes used in light+fan setups as they allow one fan to be linked to multiple seperately switched lights (for example if two bathrooms share a fan).

As others have said, the switch in your picture looks like a 2 pole switch. From the wiring I would guess it is indeed being used for a setup where multiple lightswitches are associated with one fan.
No problem. It’s a simple swop. Mark the wires before you take them off.
That short link wire needs replacing, there’s bare copper showing.
You can't see it because there are no markings.
If you cleaned it up a bit, there might be some markings to see. It certainly appears to have "LOAD" written adjacent to one pair of terminals (red arrow), and it looks as if there is something (could be an "L" or an "N") adjacent to at least one of those terminals (blue arrow) ...


Kind Regards, John

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