light switch

  1. K

    Simple light switch (France)

    Hi folks, need some advice. I have a lamp I wish to control by a simple light switch. At the moment, I have to plug it into a socket and pull the plug out to switch it off, which is a bit of a pain as the socket is quite low and in a difficult to reach place. As it’s a lamp I want to keep always...
  2. Oliver Dawson

    Ceiling light tripping when turn off

    Hi I recently fitted a new light fitting on the ceiling of a downstairs bathroom now every time I'm the light is turned off it trips out the lights. From what I understand I've why did it wrong so that the switch is back to front ie off is on / on is off. But I don't understand how to correct it...
  3. S

    Advice on replacing old light switch (2 way)

    Hi everyone I am updating the light switches and wall sockets in my house but I'm unsure how to go about replacing an existing light switch. Existing wiring (I've added in L1 and L2 in green as the labelling is not visible from the angle I took the photo). There are 2 switches, one to turn...
  4. Louisewright1987

    Help changing a light switch

    I am trying to wire a new light switch. My old switch had load one , common red , L1 brown and L2 white. The second load has common red and L1 blue. The new switch has loan one as L1^1, L1 and L2 , and the second load as L2^1 , L2 and L2^2 can someone help me with where the wires need to go now
  5. OwainOW

    3 Way Light Switch turning one light on and another off from same switch.

    Hi All, I installed a new 3 way switch and intially had it working on all 3 switches after just doing a switch by switch cross over of the cables. I then snapped a screw in the backing box which meant draggging all the wires out. Although I tried to group them I have been unable to rewire...
  6. R

    Light switches don’t look right

    I just unscrewed a few metal faced light switches to paint some walls (after turning off the circuit) and it looks like some wires have come loose, even though I was pretty gentle. The first pic, there is a brown cable near the bottom of the switch, and the second pic there is a loose brown and...
  7. A

    2-Way Time Delay Switch Replacement

    Hi, I'm looking to replace a 2-way light switch for a 2-way delay light switch. I have replaced one already for a pneumatic time delay switch, but the second switch I bought has different wiring which I'm unsure about. Can anyone advise on how to rewire it correctly?
  8. SMF

    Puzzled.. Wiring a touch light from old switch

    Puzzled.. I am trying to replace an old 2 gang 1 way switch (see below how is wired) to a new 2 gang 1 way touch light switch (2nd picture), however I'm confused by the wires. Although a total novice, Im guessing the one were there is 2 res wres attached, is power and is being looped over to...
  9. Pkpk

    Double switch to single switch help please

    Hi all I’d be grateful for your advice. I currently have two wall lights controlled by a double dimmer switch. It is buzzing so I want to replace it. I’d like to replace it with a single switch that controls both lights but as a result the wiring doesn’t appear to be a straight swap when I look...
  10. S

    Replacing a light switch

    Hello all, I am sure I am not first person to ask this on this forum... But can't find a post that matches my requirements I am looking to replace a double switch in a 1970s house but the wiring is a little confusing. Normally, I would replace like-for-like but the old switch doesn't have the...
  11. J

    Replacing 2 gang 1 way light switch

    Hello, I just wanted to check if my understand of the wiring is correct before I go on with the replacement of the switch. This is my current witch wiring: And this is the switch I will be replacing it with: If I got this right the wiring should look like this?: Thank you :)
  12. S

    Changing a light switch

    The plastic switch component on my tennants bathroom light switch has come off. I went to change the switch and found a lot more wires behind than I was expecting. Bit of a novice with this sort of thing but felt confident after watching a video on YouTube. Was just expecting a one way switch...
  13. D

    Replacing 2-gang 1-way light switch with dimmer switch

    I'm trying to replace a 2-gang 1-way light switch with a dimmer switch. I've never replaced a switch before, hoped it would be straight-forward but I can't figure out the correct terminals to use for a 2 gang switch, all diagrams just show a 1 gang switch. If someone could let me know which...
  14. robodelfy

    Replaced double light switch...confused!

    Hi, I replaced an old double light switch, one switch does my porch light, the other should do my lounge lights. It was an old switch with L1 L2 and L3. I followed these instructions when changing it : L1 . . . . COM L2 . . . . L1 L3 . . . . L2 And it doesn't work. I have posted a photo, any...
  15. finlamit

    How is my ceiling rose/light switch functioning??

    I recently changed a couple of ceiling roses for a newer ones that weren't grubby and yellow. I noticed something odd... in the fact there was only 2 cables going to them. In previous houses I have lived at, there has always been 3. 2 which form part of the ring/circuit, and one goes to the...
  16. S

    Dimmer switch with 2 red wires + earth?

    I have a dimmer switch that recently stopped working, so I'm hoping to replace it with a new one. This is the only switch that controls the light in question, so based on my googling I expected to see one red or brown live wire and one black or blue switched live wire going into the switch...
  17. R

    Light switch help

    I hope that someone can help with a light switch problem. There is a single light switch which controls the lounge lights and it’s wired like this: C6990933-7979-4260-AEBF-C94C165FB7D8 by RogPJ posted 14 Feb 2021 at 12:40 PM Then there is a double light switch which also controls the lounge...
  18. D

    Hallway light switch - what goes where?

    Just replacing the hallway light switch. When I removed the old one the two wires that aren’t connected in the photo fell out of their terminals so I don’t know where they go. They control the upstairs light. The downstairs light works fine without the other wires attached. also, I’m fitting...
  19. T

    Replace 2-way light switches with timer switches

    Hi everyone. I'm looking to replace 2 2-way light switches (one in our hall and the other on the landing) with timer switches, so that they turn off automatically after a set period of time if they aren't manually switched off. I've seen the Elkay range of touch timers (links below) but I'm...
  20. D

    light switch at top of the stairs.

    Hi, I’m replacing the light switch at the top of the stairs - it’s a regular set up, the landing light can be switched from upstairs or down stairs. I thought it would be simple but think I might have bought the wrong switch. The switch has one wire coming down into it (red) and two wires...