Pyronix Enforcer Wireless - no Setup App Data option

24 Nov 2021
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United Kingdom
Hi guys.

We have a pyronix enforcer 32 that definitely has the digi Wi-Fi module installed and connected.

It has been connected to Wi-Fi using the Wi-Fi setup option in the master manager menu. So therefore the panel has detected that it has the modem installed. So I can’t understand why the Setup App Data menu option isn’t visible.

I have disconnected from mains, disconnected battery and then reconnected mains, but still no change.
Any suggestions? Would really appreciate some guidance.
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Normally this happens when the panel is powered up with the WiFi card not connected by the white multi wire loom …you can’t plug the WiFi card on after it is powered up ! Is the connector plugged on fully …does the WiFi card light up when you power up the panel…?
Hey Sparky thanks for the quick reply. Yes definitely connected via the white wiring loom - plenty of LEDs as soon as I power the unit up. Picture below, for reference this is with the battery connected. I removed this and power cycled the mains with the Wi-Fi card connected. Still no option!
Do these light up when you power up the panel ?


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They do indeed. I can verify it’s connected to my Wi-Fi as well as it’s on my list of connected devices on the router interface. The green LED blinks intermittently indicating there is data exchange happening over the Wi-Fi connection
Are you trying to get to the set app from user or engineer mode ? …..what are you trying to do ?
I’m looking to use the HomeControl+ app on a smartphone, to do that I need the system ID which is buried in the Set Up App Data menu option. I am going in using my master manager code as I (rightly) haven’t been given the engineer code and it doesn’t exist on any paperwork left by the installer. Is it a call to Pyronix? …
Set date and time
Operate user outputs?
Omit inputs?
Edit users?
Review logs?
Wi-Fi setup?
Walk test?
Siren test?
Dial out menu?
Allow eng menu?
Block udl set?
Block udl?
System sounds demo?
Exit manager menu?

that’s the master manager menu rather than the engineers menu though isn’t it I believe
It’s not…

In Wi-Fi setup I have the following options:

Setup With Wi-Fi device? (This broadcasts a connectable Wi-Fi signal that I have connected to via to then connect to my existing home Wi-Fi)

SSID? (that option is to manually attach the panel to your Wi-Fi)

Password? (Believe that is to add ur Wi-Fi password to allow you to connect manually - second step of the manual process)

Signal Strength
(Mine displays 20 as it is connected to my Wi-Fi network already)

they are the only options in that menu
Ok …how old is the alarm …if it’s older than a year which it looks like from the date on the panel , it’s probably out of the free 1st year and it’s probably on the installers cloud account so you have no access to it ….you can ask for it to be released but it’s probably going to be cheaper to replace the panel , pyronix will not talk to end users …
Okay that’s great thanks for the confirmation - appreciate your prompt replies. If nothing more it’s good to know I wasn’t missing an obvious one
U could contact the installer and ask them to retrieve the system id from the cloud
I didn’t know that was an option - so thank you for your reply on that. Will holla at them tomorrow. Thanks again!

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