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19 May 2006
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United Kingdom
I have an outside light, a Timeguard NSLB500C 500w PIR Halogen Floodlight. This is a security light with an adjustable timer for how long you want it to stay on. It has a manual override option to keep the light on constantly which involves switching the light on, then off and on twice in 2 seconds. This can sometimes be tricky to get right and it takes a few goes to get it to stay on permanently. There is no other option to keep it on all the time.

The manual troubleshooting section states as a problem the light staying on all the time, to check wiring and that wires to L and L1 terminals may be transposed. My question is if I were to do just that, and transpose the wires, would this then mean it would then stay on when turned on until being turned off, and obviously no longer have the timing option. Would it be safe to do this from an electrical point of view?
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So to clarify, you leave this light off usually and want it to be simply switched on & off manually?

Most PIR floods like yours do not need to be switched off & on twice to put them into manual mode, the common procedure is to switch off for about a second and then back on (only once). To revert to PIR mode, switch off for about 30 seconds and then back on.
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Thanks I have never tried that but the instructions are quite clear that its off and on twice in 2 seconds. Yes, I would like it to be a manual light only.
maybe its got cleaver circuitry in these new ones to prevent power interrupts making the light get stuck on.
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My question is if I were to do just that, and transpose the wires
Yes, sort of, you'll probably find no wire at all in L1(on "your side" of the terminal block, there will be one in the other side, leave it there), so just move the wire from L to L1.

quite clear that its off and on twice in 2 seconds.
Must have been printed in error and later instructions edited then, because the PDF for the model number you gave says..


Even then it's not really proper manual override, because it's only 'til dawn. Moving the wire will give you 'full manual' control.
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Thanks the model I have must be 8 or 9 years old so maybe an older version. I will give it a go re switching the wires
Right don’t want to take any risks here, below is a photo of the back of the light, Live is going into COM, cannot see where it says L1 or L2.

Would it be a case of moving the brown live wire from COM to the spare L, see photo
That is a picture of the switch.
The instructions refer to the wiring at the light itself.
Your switch does not have an earth conductor in its earth terminal. Have you disconnected it to take the photo ?

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