Question for gas safe guys

14 Nov 2007
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United Kingdom

A friend of mine has just asked me. Should he, as a plumber working with a company, allow to install gas pipe from meter to boiler ( replacement ) for a gas safe reg engineer who also work with same company?

Company is also gas safe reg.

Not sure what to say to him....

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He can install the pipework but he can't make the connections at the meter or boiler.

An RGI cannot legally certify any gas work that he hasn't done himself. So he couldn't come in the next day and say connect up a pipe to a supply that someone else had completed the day before.

That being said there is one exception and that's when a person is completing a foundation gas course and is undertaking 'on the job' portfolio work under the RGI's supervision prior to their ACS
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I would say yes if he is being overlooked by that rgi is that not how apprentices work who are not registered

However if someone is overlooking him as he does the work, Why would he be doing it? the RGI would be aswell to do it. The reason he would most likley be asked this is so the RGI can come in later for less time and sign off, which is not allowed.
How many times does an RGI extend/alter gas supply pipework without knowing what material has been used (solid floor) or the condition of the pipework? , as long as the supply passes a TT/discharge rate then happy days. :p
So would I! But it's the regs! Bull **** like buts that's it!

Plumbers tend to be time served most RGI now are back Door merchants.

Will he have the right to refuse to help as he do not wish to involved with gas? Keep it above board?

Until the pipe is connected to the meter or appliance its just a pipe so anyone can do it. Its not him that should be bothered, its the one who test/signs it off.
As gigz says, it's just a pipe, as far as the plumber is concerned it could be for anything. If it's culpability that's the worry, i.e. if a gas problem occurred later because of the pipework then it wouldn't come back to the plumber.
Again as Gigz says, it's the RGi's responsibility, the plumber can quite legitimately and legally plead ignorant.

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