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28 May 2009
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United Kingdom
Hi - can anyone shed any light on the following (as the Gas Safety register can't)? We'd like to employ our first Gas Safe registered plumber. Our company is not currently on the gas safe register as we need a plumber with the right qualifications in order for the company to apply. My question is: until the company becomes registered, would our plumber be allowed to work on gas under his own registration card or would he need to remain self-employed to do so?!

Thanks in advance.
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I believe he would be able to work for you or anyone under his own badge if he`s willing to take responsibility for all your Gas work.
Thanks, Charlie. When you say "work for", i'm assuming you mean "as an employee of our company doing work on behalf of the company"?
If he`s employed by you, and is doing your gas work & signing it off using his own badge then you don`t need to be registered because he is taking full responsibility for your gas work so if it all goes Pete Tong it`s down to him, that is unless you have other gas operatives working for you who are not gas safe registered. The guy you have got using his own badge can put them on his but I doubt wether he would. In that case you would have to be Registered yourselves. That`s my understanding of it.
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i know when it was corgi,and when i joined our company, they werent registered. but under my qualifications there able to use me to register there company. which means i still cant do gas work for myself even though its me whos the only one registered :confused:
Hi - can anyone shed any light on the following (as the Gas Safety register can't)?
:rolleyes: :rolleyes:
Honestly. :rolleyes:

Bet you had one of the newly hired girlies on the phone.
Write to them, and they will answer in writing, which is what you need anyway.
For the time being: if you hire someone with an up to date GSR card tomorrow, he can do gaswork for those categories tomorrow.
For those interested, I did get a different answer in writing from the GSR than the one I got from them on the phone!

"If he (the plumber) is registered in his own right then he should only be using his registration for doing private work or as a subcontractor for your company and not an employee."
That's not very helpful is it?

How is a company supposed to register then?

I am probably illegal as I am my company shareholder and director but registered personally doing gas work as an employee of my company.

The mind boggles because my company employs me to do that work for Rig recruitment who themselves are doing it for British Gas.

So I have to please the other shareholder of my company Rig, British Gas Gas safe and my customers.

Tough to please them all, all the time!

Thankfully Napit are a pushover by comparrison. SHame they didn't get the Gas register.
Paternalism is what you get when you give power to only one organisation.

Now if they had allowed Corgi to also register gas fitters and maybe Napit or Argi or anyone else as we have with competent persons schemes vis a vis part P, then you would find them becoming accomodating rather than didactic.

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