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11 I think used to be called Dunedin, is now Edinburgh?

23 is definitely HHG2G

39 Arnold Rimmer was not really the captain of Red Dwarf.

40 is words adopted into English (some from Arabic, not sure if they all are)

50 is the name of the country

60 is Jordan

What others haven't we got yet?
corgiman said:
32 Why did Prince Charles and Camilla have to delay their wedding by a day ?

He could not face the wedding night

and our survey said....top answer

Nearly there...

1 Portugal
2 Hangover
3 Bharat is the official name of which country ?
4 Jubilee
5 Model railway track gauge
6 Rhythm
7 Which English Airport has the three-letter code LBA ?
8 Which animal is described by the adjective Eusuchian ?
9 What TV show is filmed in Hadfield High Peak, Derbyshire ?

10 Sector 7G
11 Edinburgh
12 Middlesbrough
13 Groundhog Day
14 Which castle is on the Island of Anglesey ?
15 Richard Whitely or Frank Bough?
16 Steptoe & Son
17 Darius Dineche or A bus :LOL:
18 The film Brief Encounter was made at which railway station ?19 Moons (Mars & Jupiter?)
20 Russia or Switzerland?
21 Joseph & his technicolour dreamcoat
22 The Owls & The Blades
23 Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
24 Sideshow Bob
25 Pan Am
26 Tinky Winky
27 If Edward in Number 2, who is Number 4 ? 28 Pipkins...of course...luved it too!
29 Tiberius
30 Tiswas
31 Alex
32 Death of the pope or he couldn't face the wedding night :LOL: ?
33 Henry II
34 Belgium or Scotland (Dunfermlin)
35 What is the name of the Open University professor who led the ill-fated Beagle 2 mission to Mars?36 Respect
37 What does the W stand for in George W Bush ? Merchant banker!38 Triangle (on the Dana Anglia)
39 Red dwarf but apparently not the cap'n
40 Dram, Colon, Won, Dong & Kip are all examples of what ? Money cash or words derived from Arabic?
41 The Doctor
42 Where was Britain's first escalator installed?
43 What is the collective noun for peacocks ? arrogance?
44 What 15-letter word contains the letter 'E' five times and no other vowels ?
45 DNA
46 What links the moon, the sun, the planet Saturn, and the Anglo-Saxon gods: Thor, Tiw, Woden, and his wife Frig ?
47 Which two music-stars dies at 12 Curzon Place, Mayfair, London ? Wasn't it Handel and Jimi Hendrix???
48 Coca cola
49 Lady Penelope - thunderbirds
50 What does not feature on British Postage Stamps, but does feature on all other country's postage stamps ? The name of the country

How Are the following better known …….. ?

51 Elvis Costello
52 Judge Judy
53 MC Hammer
54 Suggs (Madness)
55 Alison Clarkson?
56 Shirley Crabtree - Big Daddy
57 Carlos Estevez - Martin Sheen
58 Florian Cloud de Bounevialle Armstrong - Dido
59 Alecia Moore - Pink
60 Katie Price - Two Jugs...I mean Jordan
61 Enrique Morales?
62 William Broad?
63 Vincent Furnier - Alice Cooper
64 Theodore Geissel - Dr Seuss
65 Lawrence Tero - Mr T sucker :D
66 Derrick Evans?
67 Norville Rogers - Shaggy
68 Harry Webb - Cliff Richard
69 Paul Hewson - Bono
70 Michael van Wijk?
The following are the 'real' name of which superheroes……?

71 Prince Adam - He-man
72 Bruce Wayne - Batman
73 Eric Twinge - Bananaman
74 Peter Parker - Spiderman
75 Diana Prince - Wonderwoman
76 Bruce Banner - The Hulk
77 Bob Parr?78 Selina Kyle - Catwoman
79 George Sunday - Thermoman
80 Kal-El - SUperman

Song Lyrics - What's the title……..

81 I search for the beat in this dirty town?
82 We're no strangers to love,you know the rules and so do I.? Never gonna give you up (I wouldn't have admitted to that one ;) )
83 If I stayed here, just a little bit longer? Listen to my heart
84 By the look in your eye, I can tell your gonna cry - Is it over me ? Wherever I lay my hat
85 I got me a Chrysler, it seats about twenty - Love Shack
86 I give you all a boy could give you. - Tainted Love
87 It’s a million different people from one day to the next...Bitter Sweet Symphony
88 I had to crucify some brother today - Stone Roses?
89 Don't cry for me, next door neighbour - Tubthumping
90 And boy I really miss you and I all I wanna do is kiss you
91 There's a fire between us, so where is your god ? Spaceman
92 I could put my arms around every boy I see - Nothing compares to you
93 Got your lipstick mark still on your coffe cup - Back for good
94 It was a slap in the face how quickly I was replaced - you outta know ??
95 And I wish you joy, and happiness. But above all this, I wish you love. - I will always love you
96 He lights another match from an oversized book - All I wanna do is have some fun
97 When you were young and your heart was an open book - Live and let die
98 Take Fly, Boss Walk, Jam Nitty Gritty -Ahhh...dub be good to me
99 Sierra Smiles, legs that go on for miles and miles - she got legs
100 We've come a long long way together, through the hard times and the good - Praise You
101 Water's running in the wrong direction - Same as it ever was
102 It's erotic, exotic, hypnotic, that's for sure -Madonna song?
103 Je t'adore, Ich liebe dich - Hit me with you rhythm stick
104 Why do I find it hard to write the next line - True
105 And so we're running just as fast as we can, holding onto one another's hand - I think we're alone now

Name the Film these characters appeared in…...

106 Apollo Creed - Rocky
107 Phil "Duckie" Dale - Pretty in Pink?
108 Captain Jack Sparrow - Pirates of the Carribean/Curse of the black pearl
109 Ed Rooney - Ferris Buellers day off
110 Chief Brody - Jaws
111 William S.Preston and Theodore Logan - Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure/Bogus Journey
112 Garth Algar - Wayne's World I & II
113 Marty McFly - Back to the Future
114 Verruca Salt - Charlie & the Chocolate Factory
115 Mr.Pink - Resevoir Dogs
116 Chunk - The Goonies
117 Travis Bickle - Taxi Driver
118 Holly Golightly - Breakfast at Tiffanys
119 Verbal Kint - The Usual Suspects (Kaiser Souse)
120 Tony Manero - Saturday Night Fever/Staying Alive

Flippin eck...nearly there!

Someone fill in the gaps and check it...I got headache :eek:
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42 = I think It was Earls Court. No more from me
15 = Frank Bough
14 Which castle is on the Island of Anglesey ? Beaumaris Castle. It took me all night to think of it even though I've been there.

Ok, here's the answers - Don't look if you're still thinking.

Taking Noodlz's list as a base, and then with a couple of corrections:

3. India
7. Leeds Bradford
8. Alligators
9. League of Gentlemen
11. Durham
15. Whiteley
18. Carnforth
20. China
25. KLM
27. Gordon
35. Colin Pillinger
37. Walker
39. OK - My mistake. He wasn't the captain.
40. Foreign Currencies
42. Harrods
43. Ostentation
44. Defencelessness
46. Days of the Week
47. Mama Cass & Keith Moon

55. Betty Boo
61. Ricky Martin
62. Billy Idol
66. Mr. Motivator
70. Wolf from Gladiators

81. Kids in America
83. I don't wanna talk about it
88. Kinky Afro
90. Where Are You Baby - Betty Boo Again (Mmmmmm........)
99. Deeply Dippy
101. Sound of the Underground - Girls Aloud
102. Chico Time
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