.. is amazing...

It's apparently infinite... which if true, after 3.1415926.... your phone number will occur, and the phone number of your parents, and every girlfriend you've had, and everyone you've ever known, and every phone number that ever existed or will ever exist.

If the numbers in Pi are taken as ascii characters, then at some point your name will appear in full, and the name of your cousins, and their children, and everyone who ever existed.... you get the idea, but on top of that the every word in the lords prayer will appear in order, and every word, in order, of every Stephen King novel ever written... and every book ever written or will be..

And if you use the digits to represent pixels, then at some point in the number Pi (3.14)... those pixels will form the image of your face in every photo that was taken of you, and every film that was ever made - or will be... all tv footage etc etc ...

That's a big Pi !
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It's one of these numbers which keeps cropping up in maths/physics theoretical work. For example, the cosmological constant equation 'contains' pi.
That's all a load of b*ll*x I reckon and sounds like it's from the same stable as the many worlds theory where there are an infinite number of universes where everything that could ever possibly have happened has happened, in other words many different versions of you, me and everyone else springing into existence whenever we make even a simple choice. i.e. go left or right, if we go left another universe appears where we go right. Complete b*ll*x.
Anyone who disagrees, do what the great troll joe90 says...prove me wrong, they won't. :LOL:
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Be careful where you say these things...
Just because it's infinate does not mean it will have every combination of numbers. It may be infinate but it cannot be random and therefore the sequence of numbers being predetermined means some sequences will not show.

In reality noone ever needs Pi past ten digits anyway.
I learnt up to the first "6" at secondary and was told that was all anybody needed to know.
I know it to 3.1415926 which puts me in the ur a d1ck category, but you only need 3.14 or 22/7 for most things.
One that stuck in my mind was from Hawking's Brief History of Time. (I had to look it up to check the detail though) Pi to 39 places is enough to calculate a circle around the entire known universe with an error less than the radius of an atom.
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