Radiators on when controller and room stats off

hi to all

thanks for the advice

but just one puzzle.....do these valves actually move....can you see or hear them move :?:

i have turned the system on and off at the electrics and the controller but the valves never appear to move :?: :!:

i am off to get a replacement motor/head for the valves


sid :)
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when they move, should be able to hear the motor run for about 3-4 seconds.
hi all

i have now dismantled the rogue valve in the upstairs flow pipe

the motor is working
the micro-switch appears to be working

when the lever is pushed towards the manual/open position it does not spring back like the lever on the downstairs valve which springs back

the boiler is then firing when all the controls are off

so does this mean that the powerhead is faulty or is it the actual mechanical valve which is sticking and so the whole lot needs replacing.

if it is the valve can this be bought seperately

many thanks

sid :confused:
if the boiler is firing with the electric conections to the valve disconected then surely it can't be a fault with the valve causing the boiler to fire with the controls off.
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If you have Honeywell Zone valves, it's very unlikely that a sticky valve is powering the boiler when it shouldn't. Anyway, if it's correctly wired to the programmer, stats, etc. a zone valve CANNOT fire the boiler with the CH and HW switched off - ther's no volts available to do it!

If the wiring may be faulty, get someone who REALLY understands CH wiring in to check it. Otherwise you'll be buying bits to replace other bits that ain't broken!

yep.....i think last 2 posts say it all

the boiler should not fire when the valve power head is hanging off the valve
although i am getting volts across the micro-switch between the grey and orange wires. i believe the orange fires the boiler

these volts must be coming from the controller.....so although this appears to be working by coming on and off correctly....there may be some inernal problem

in any event.....i have now exhausted my limited knowledge and will get hands-on advice

cheers to all who have helped......certainly increased my knowledge of valves

sid :LOL:

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