Raised bed

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Looks good. Looks like u have planted choysia plants - do u realise how big they can get? Good if u want to avoind looking at the neighbour's car.
its a choysia, they all get big! Still they smell nice
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Looks like Choysia Ternata 'Sundance'. Easily hits 6-8ft tall but also easy to maintain at the desired height and width.

Nice photos anyway, looking very good.
Sundance rings a bell.

Dont know for sure - I just dig holes etc where I'm told and lift things on and off trollies in garden centres...
they are easily trimmed. nice flowers, but wait till you smell the scent of the leaves......lovely :D
Don't want to risk smelling anything in that area.

Is it against the law to shoot a cat with an air rifle?
they are easily trimmed. nice flowers, but wait till you smell the scent of the leaves......lovely :D

That's debatable - I like 'em but a lot of people think they smell like cat wee. I can see what they mean but I'm cat lover (and "owner")!

I prefer them (the plants, not the cats) with a little shade as it helps keep the plant greener rather than yellow, but its a nice plant all the same.
We'll get a mix then, as the bed runs basically E-W, with the house at the West end and the road at the East, so the nearer it gets to the house the longer it's in the shade each day.
Looks much nicer than next doors flower box :D well done.
Try an ultrasonic cat scarer, might keep the chavs away too.
or 1/2 bottles of water on side, or even plant some citrus.

If all fails, get a big dog.
Got a scarer - doesn't seem to be working, but I do need to try moving it around to see if there is a height/angle that works better.

Don't want to add my own litter to the bed.

If I get a dog I'll still have to pick up turds.
Use tea bags soaked in Olbas oil works a treat. Also the bottles of water mentioned above. As long as they wouldn't be obtrusive.
The water reflects moonlight & scares em off.
Only works at night :D

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